How did you get to digital sculpting?

I just wanted to ask how you got into digital modeling and when/where your journey started.

For me, it all started in 2019 when I discovered traditional modeling. Since then my interest grows more and more and since the end of 2021 I also try myself digitally.

Here is one of my actual projects:

It’s the Death Dealer by Frank Frazetta. It has already been sculpted by the Shiflett Brothers, but i wanted a Death Dealer by myself. Glad i can create, whatever i have in mind :)))


While searching for a better mobile 3D modeling app, I came across Nomad, and have been sculpting almost daily since! I had done some traditional pieces before, but had been unimpressed with digital sculpting until I found Nomad.


I started digital sculpting when I found Sculptris before Pixologic acquired it. It was the first sculpting app with dynamic tesselation and super fun. Since those days I played on and off with digital sculpting. I bought & learned zBrush after, but the fun level was not a third of Sculptris the UI a nightmare to learn. I took the chance to get 3D coat in a special offer, but also there, I didn’t found the creative freedom & fun of Sculptris. Stephane’s online sculpting tool Sculpt GL was pretty close to Sculptris but only with Nomad the fun & easiness of Sculptris with plenty more options and PBR rendering got me back into the real fun and even beyond.


I began my career as a 2D illustrator in the late 90s, I dabbled with Mudbox 1.0 before Autodesk acquired it and like Knacki jumped on Sculptris before it too was acquired.

9 years ago I had a career shift when I joined my friend’s new VFX company doing storyboards and concepts, as it was a small startup I learned the basics of ZBrush to make myself more useful. First sculpt that I did that was used in a production was a flying whale for a music video…

I generally just do rough concept sculpts that I then paint over in Photoshop and hand over my sculpt to much more proficient artists to get ready for production, my most recent work can be seen in the new tv series for Showtime… ‘The Man Who Fell To Earth’


That’s awesome!
Have you been at DrPetters Sculptris forum those days?
That’s where I met taron first time, who developed verve painter later. We joined the zbrushcentral Sculptris section after Pixologic acquired Sculptris.
There, I met @SporkFuMaster first time. Winner of one of our weekly challenges. It was a great time, but I guess Pixologic was not super happy about the semi pro section on their side.
Sculpting is more a time to free myself from deadlines and client wishes.
My main profession are lasershows and laser graphics.
But in following show, I was director, did storyboard, made first steps of character design in zBrush, supervised two studios and made the laser show effects.

Zheng He is a very interesting person btw. Admiral of a big big fleet of >250 ships long before Christopher Columbus. Really worth to have a look at his history and Chinese part in early marine discovering days.

Due to C19 my actual situation is in big change. So if anyone is interested in an old fart who is a blast in creating emotions → contact me :vulcan_salute:

(After Effects, Photoshop, 3Ds max, zBrush etc. etc skills)


This is amazing @knacki, love the power of lasershows and yes, Zheng He arrive first to America :sweat_smile:

Hahaha - well this is not prooved if he was in America, but Africa, yes, the biggest fleet till WW1 - yes- 30000 soldiers, yes. And no scorbut as they had ships with soya plants. Treasure ships were huge, seriously huge. 4 times Santa Maria min. But the information is very different regarding if it’s coming from Chinese government or other scientist. Anyway, huge and build in first ever dry docks.

But sorry, this is very much OT. Zheng HE, the monster, the princess, and the pirate were designed in zBrush as first Look dev.

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OT Who Discovered America? Zheng Who? - The New York Times
Interesting article to read and discuss :grimacing:

Here is my travel to 3D. First I’m not a 3D professional, my main profession is a developer and consulting for companies. At young the 3D was captivate me, starting making logos with my Amiga 500 for a videos intro for a friend and then discovered 3DMax while studying.

As background I’m a passionate modeler of planes at scale, making dioramas, painting, and playing wargames. Then, over 2008 the 3D and the modeler join to create a product line to build scenics for tabletop games, from Warhammer to Flames of war, and make board games for clubs that play Bolt Action games or Blood Blowl fields. Was a fun time building scenics and props. For this, my main tool was Sketchup where I designed to test de model and then manually sculpt the elements and create silicone molds for resin and white metal. The 3D printers were starting but the definition was very low for my small elements.

After some years in the drawer, the project was reborn again, now I move to Blender and Sculptris, ZBrush I thought is very complex with a chaotic interface that all the time click here and there, and expensive if you don’t use it professionally, so I remain with Blender and Sculptris but the FMD 3D printers were not enough resolution for small things and resin printers like 3DFormlabs too expensive.

Time follow ahead.

During the sad pandemic time, I try to recover Blender and made some online courses that refresh and boost my skills. I’m comfortable with non-organic modeling so I need a way to practice organic modeling, Blender is perfect but with more polys the sculpt performance down. ZBrush still aren’t friends, the interface over the years is worst in my humble opinion. I have Sculptris or what is left of them. :frowning:

I purchased Forger and months later Nomad, with the “later I will try it” while I busy with Blender and the sculpt tool, but ever attached to my desk.
If I am honest I played with both occasionally until last year with one update and a video of Glen from SouthernGFX about the power of Nomad, then the discovery of this community, and of course that opened again the drawer. Now I had the tool and the printers had the resolution, so let’s go to build again little things!

Now Nomad offers the freedom to sculpt in your favorite place and their unleashed power.

Some old images that we created sculpting and making molds.


Been in and around 3D modelling since studying Architecture back in 1989. Used originally as a presentation technique, moving into Building Information Modelling which I still model and document in today. A strong user of 3DS Max & Sketchup, I began dabbling in more”organic” type modelling through the early days of subdivision surface modelling. Jump to the new Covid world & looking down the barrel of 6 months of lockdown, with part time work…….I looked for a hobby but am a total nerd so that hobby had to include 3D art in some form. I got a VR headset and made great progress with Gravity Sketch and Tilt brush, but armed with a new iPad, Procreate and Nomad Sculpt, I found that mobile digital art is where the fun lies. I create structural 3D artworks during the day & can create sculptural art whilst sitting on my back deck / the beach / in an airport / at a train station. I can continue to be a 3D nerd whilst in my down time. Win win :slight_smile:


I’ve wanted to do 3D sculpting for a long time, but found the affordable program, Blender, impossible to understand. Before learning 3D modeling, I’d sculpted in polymer clay, wool, and mixed media. I illustrated two book covers in dioramas built with found materials and dolls I built from polymer clay.
I started sincerely applying myself to learning Blender just a couple months ago to add environments to my comics and art, and increase my value as a freelancer. What inspired me was Sophie Jantak’s YouTube channel and the brilliant way she uses Grease Pencil.
I had to take a sudden trip to Texas just as I was starting, and couldn’t haul along my Wacom Mobile Studio Pro.
I took my iPad on the trip to paint when I needed to. I was talking to a friend I was staying with about how eager I was to get back home and learn Blender, and he mentioned Nomad.
I bought it right away, but didn’t get to do anything with it until I got home.
I’ve found the tutorials by Erica Casab of Small Robot Studios to be my “vibe” and my aesthetic sensibility.
I’m still making tons of “learning experiences” ) as opposed to competently finished pieces) but I’m enjoying myself.


I wanted to be a 3D character artist so I downloaded Blender and used it on and off over the years. Then one day discovered sculpting with Zbrush and was like “where have you been my whole life”

Never went back to box modeling again.

These days I go for the iPad because it is a bit of a hassle to set up my PC for sculpting. Moving things around and being tied to my desk is no fun.

Ipad makes it easy to casually sketch on the couch

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