GidPDX sculpt attempts

Just going to show my progress here with the app and sculpting in general. Didn’t really start 3D sculpting until earlier this year with sculptura so I’m really excited to get antiquated with nomad sculpt.

First sculpt attempt before reading any manuals or watching any tutorials. Just a quick test, which instantly had me sold on nomad.

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Great start!

Note that there’s a manual
It’s probably missing some stuffs though.

Thanks! I’ll go over the manual because even after watching some very good video tutorials I’m missing a few things and I don’t want to make feature requests that are not needed or ill informed.

Lots already in Nomad! :+1:

WIP of my first real attempt at making something in Nomad. Learning a lot as I go.

Can’t decided if this is going to mainly be a character made out of wood or stone. Plenty more to do before I cross that road I guess. :slight_smile:


Quick concept paint over and start to roughing out the gulls and nests.


I’d vote for wood! He has a Tiki-like vibe. Good luck!