Sculpts by Sang

Hey guys! I’ve been working with Nomad a lot and since I love this software so much, I decided to share some of my works with the community here.

I am participating in a 3D character art challenge on ArtStation, and I’m doing everything in Nomad. I’m almost done, but I still got some modeling and detailing to do. Here’s a WIP shot for it!

Apparently new users can only post one image per post, so I’ll share some others in a bit. I’d love to hear what y’all think!



Just some other progress shots; I’ll post more later once my new user status wears off;)



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Thank you! I presume you are the creator of Nomad? If so, bravo, you have done an incredible thing

Here’s some more screenshots from the process. modeling bottles in Nomad is especially pleasant; almost feels like it was designed specifically for it. I had fun making them! Also, at the bottom, you can see the original design (by me) off which this sculpt is based.


I finished my contest entry:) everything was done in Nomad!


Great illustration, very dynamic. I love it

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Can you make a tutorial ? :star_struck:

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Thanks @JimWatL ! @ProductiveLadd I never considered making a tutorial since I’m not really a 3D artist

Great work!