Alien Character Design

My first attempt at a “complete” character design. Enjoying working with Nomad!


Is this your first complete character in Nomad or in any 3D software?
It’s looking good no matter which! :+1:t2:

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Thank you so much!

I’ve worked a bit in Blender on the modeling side (mostly tutorials) and tinkered with Sculptris a long time ago (only had a mouse so I didn’t find it much fun). Nomad is my first real dive into sculpting and this is my first character design in 3D.

I’ll be posting more photos soon of the earlier phases now that I can post more than one image. Stay tuned!

Forgot to add… Your stuff looks great! I saw most of it yesterday but was on the phone and pressed for time so I was limited to liking :+1:t2:

Finally had a moment to post some additional shots of the character…

I also have some of the process shots (and other work) at

Upper detail

Middle detail

Lower detail

Back view

Side-by-side with my original sketchbook drawing