Black Psalm Press Art

Working on comics and animated shorts. Using Nomad Sculpt for a lot of the character design.


Your work is incredible, everything has been rendered in nomadsculpt?

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Oh Wow!!! This is awesome! :+1:

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Hey thanks! Yes, all rendered in Nomad. The big guy / robot girl UVs were painted in Procreate.


This guy’s name is ‘Not Sanderson.’
He’s a prisoner locked in an oubliette outside of reality. But there’s a little door… :crazy_face:

Flow: 30 second pencil doodle > Fun times in Nomad > Stressed-out in Blender, with my computer fans screaming, trying to animate a guy made of smoke.


wow, it’s very cool!

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Amazing! :star_struck: Sorry for the noob question but how did you do the texture for the cloth and skin?

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The skin on the guy with the cigarette uses a pbr texture found online. I painted over the original pbr base color in Procreate. The normal map is doing most of the work there, making the pores and bumps. Same for his shirt - I don’t even know what the actual texture was supposed to be - I plug in random textures and play with scale, watching how they catch the lighting. Everything else (vulture head, big guy head, samurai face, the hand/arm) was the stamp tool with skin/pore alphas and the crease/pinch brushes for wrinkles and details.

Here’s a pbr texture very close to the one I used for the cigarette guy’s skin: (3.8 MB)

Hope that helps!

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Beautiful! Thank you so much :blush:

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The images above are for a realistic-looking project.
I’m also working on a stylized/simple/dumb project about animals on drugs doing stupid things. The way things look is secondary to bad jokes and weird situations. All of the character/set/prop design is done in Nomad, because working while laying flat on my back beats sitting in a chair.

A couple of the characters have fur, so I fake that in Nomad (badly, I know. It’s ok) to get an idea of how things might look, then I move them to Blender, clean up the topology (aka mash QuadRemesher’s REMESH IT button), then add ‘proper’ fur/hair:


This is Mike and Yolanda.


Nice colors and atmosphere


WIP stuff for an ongoing comic/cartoon project. Everything is Nomad except for the 2D drawing elements, which were done in Procreate. At this point, I’m using Nomad for all of the character & prop sculpting, background set arrangement, figuring out lighting & colors, and shot composition for storyboards. Super fun.


Nice :grinning:

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Cool stuff!