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Hey all!

I am super impressed by Nomad Sculpt, chapeau bas to the creator!

I’ve tried all ‘portable’ sculpting apps and finally found a tool that lets me stay creative away from my PC. I thought it would be cool to share some wip’s and give&take some feedback about the tool :slight_smile:

Happy sculpting everyone!

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First sculpts, I have an idea of a postapo female character. Started from a generic dummy to go around lack of rigging tools (simple mesh patenting would be just perfect!), posed it and started merging elements.


Adding more details to the body and face blockout. Character will be eventually wearing garments but some anatomy practice is something I havent done for a while :slight_smile:

Question: when you group meshes using Simple Merge, is it somehow possible to single-click mask elements?

Question no2: Do I have to censor nudity here?




Face update



That’s fine for something like that (no sexual intent, etc).

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Side experiment with hand study, sculpt is not finished yet but I wanted to play with color aplication and rendering. Works great :slight_smile:


Well, this shows you are an artist! :clap: Is the hand made from scratch?

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Very nice indeed!

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Thank you!
Yes its made from scratch in Nomad. I started from box blockout to make girl’s hands holding a flower but then drifted a bit to make a hand with a ball exercise above :slight_smile:


Fantastic work

\Great work Your hand sculpting is outstanding !

That would be it for a ball hand :slight_smile:
I found switching between sculpting in matcap mode(whem I want to see unpainted model) and painting colors quite uncomfortable since it requires hand disabling color/roughness parameters in every sculpting tool I use.
I’ll have to report a feature request I guess :slight_smile:


Ouch, forum is cutting image quality quite significantly!

Nice tip I can share from the process is to use 100% roughness paint brush with rake alpha for skin detail wrinkles. In this situation it was absolutely enough.
I am not sure if it will be visible on attached picture but looks great when rotating model in the app :wink:


That is looking nice! I like the fake sss and all details.
But I don’t understand your request. I guess you know “show painting” switch from display setting menu?
For detailed sculpting I switch this off and change to Matcap in shading menu.
Two steps to see unpainted model with Matcap, one to see unpainted with PBR.

That exactly should work, I disable show painting and switch to matcap. But then whenever I touch the model with any tool, Show Painting enables itself again. To avoid that I have to manually switch material for every tool I use, even smoothing. Or maybe I am doing something wrong…

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This only happens when painting is switched on as well. If you use clay brush, where painting is also active, show painting is automatically switched on to avoid accidental painting. At least as far as I know and experience.

It looks really nice!
I’ll add SSS at some point, but it’s not really high priority at the moment.

When “show painting” disabled itself, it means the tool you are using is actually editing the paint.
It’s mostly to prevent confusion, I know for sure it would definitely happen (forgetting about the option and then realising you were painting on it all along).

Note that you can’t disable color/roughness/metalness if you have a layer active.
That’s because there is only a single alpha channel for all 3 pbr channels.
Ideally I’d like each separate color/roughness/metalness to have their own alpha channel, but it adds a bit of memory so I’d need to do it smart.
That being said, on your screenshot “stroke painting” is off, so the tool won’t paint anything and “show painting” will stay disabled.

I don’t understand why you need to do that.
The only tools that have painting by default are: Smoothing, Smudge and Paint
Using Smudge/Paint obviously doesn’t make sense if “show painting” is off.
For Smoothing, you can simply disable “stroke painting” in the paint menu.

Am I missing something?

Thank you for detailed explanation!
I swear yesterday with ‘Stroke Painting" set to off, like on my screenshot, tools were still enabling “show painting" until I unchecked all material/roughness/metalnes checkers. Today it all works correctly! So either it was too late and I was tired or there was some exception/malfunction that occurred before app restart :slight_smile: anyway the problem is solved, thank you!

Nice examples of your work! :+1:t2:


New doodles, some zombie king. Head draft, procreate quick overpaint and beginning of assembly: