PM Sketchbook

Very nice work!

Sloooow progress but I discovered Trim and Split tools to work nicely with hardsurfaces :slight_smile:


Cool progress!

Great leatherwork detail

Alright I am slowly getting bored with this one. But I discovered lots of cool tools in the process, love the app even more :slight_smile:

Now, any ideas how to sculpt the fur? ;D


Southern gfx have a nice tutorial using a two sided material and a plane. It saves quite some polys against a three sided tube. I used blending and opacity around 50% with roughness at 50% an metallic on 75% for the hair of my last mushroom.


Great stuff!

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Thank you!

@knacki thanks! I was looking for more sculptural approach but I might try it actually.

Ok so I played a bit with the hand to be a bit more appealing and publishable :wink:
I need to explore more the topic painting textures in Nomad.


I am trying some hardsurfaces sketches in nomad and it’s not that bad at all :slight_smile: Possibility to select or mask stripes of polygons would be great tho.


Incredible realism in the hand model! Amazing work!

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I like it a lot.

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Hey! New speedsculpt here! I spent around 2 hours on this one.

I have three questions:

  1. why Postprocesses do not count into Undo memory and changes can not be reverted? Do I have somethign dissabled or it’s a missing functionality?

  2. Is there a way/trick to make a smooth turnaround for video screen capture?

  3. How do you make sculpt proces videos - just record with screen capture for and hour or two? Can IPad handle that?



That’s an awesome concept and two hours….phhh. Very, very nice. Like the clay render most.

  1. No postprocess undo.
  2. Turntable depends on heavy weight of sculpt, process power & memory, how many other apps are open and postprocess. As you have seen, you can adjust turntable speed.
  3. Never did that, but iPad is surprisingly good in that.
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  1. but is there a way to make the model spin automatically?

Click on the Nomad logo at the top left and check ‘turntable”. Use iPad’s screen record to make a video.

Alright! Damn, thats a well hidden functionality :joy:

Oh, I thought you have seen this but the rotation was not smooth. Sorry.
You can use it for pottery fun as well, if you want :grinning:

Haha, no I had no idea it’s there :smiley: It should me IMHO placed under the camera menu.

New sculpt WIP:


Long time no see! After a breake I did some progress on the dragon sculpt

Also I printed the horned guy straight from Nomadsculpt, that worked seamelessly :call_me_hand:


Stunning stuff!!!

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