First full person scupts ever

Still learning to sculpt. Did an anatomy tutorial and my first full body (as opposed to bust only) sculpts. I think they came out OK but know I have a lot more to learn. Loving the app. These are just matcaps but used some of the post processing settings. Made the female form first and then converted it into the male.


Nice! Well done. Figures are very challenging yet these are looking great!

Thank you for the kind words and support. A lot of hours went into them. I just started sculpting in June when I was out of work for three months after a spinal fusion. Fun thing to do to kill some time. Realized quickly that I really enjoy it. Started on Forger and switched to Nomad the first week it came out. Am thrilled with its development. Tried Blender and Zbrush Core, but came back to Nomad. Works great without a need to buy a dedicated tablet or use the keyboard. Love it! I hope it catches on with the professional art world in a big way! Would be willing to pay for a reasonable subscription to support further development. Just a thought.