My First Ever Sculpt

Hi all,

Here is my first ever sculpt.

You can see it in the link below. I know it’s not perfect and I’m looking for it to be critiqued because I’m really wanting to learn to sculpt as best I can.

What are your thoughts?


Good use of the sculpting tools, nice bit of paint work, rendering could be more fanciful but that comes with practice - over-all it’s a good job, and paves the way nicely for more advanced projects. Keep going Jayden :+1:.

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You are an absolute natural talent - I don’t know anyone else whose first ever Sculpt looks like this and then with perfect Sketchfab appearance ! I am really curious about your second ever Sculpt.

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Rendering is Sketchfab, John.

For first sculpt it is amazing and shows that Nomad has a low learning curve, congrats. Keep it coming, we can’t wait!


Thank you so much :heart:

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Haha! Thank you so much, now the pressure is on lol :heart: