Story of my 3d journey

Hi guys! I’ve just started with 3d and Nomad is such an awesome app! Thanks Stephano! I hope to hear from you guys some good critics about my works :d this is my first sculpt ever done in 3d. Cheers!

#1 DnD Phoebe in NomadSculpt app


Nice start, but needs better composition / concrete point of interest.
Usually great sculpts have very visible accents and center of composition.
Keep up!

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Thanks! That was made for 3d print like everything I’m sculpting. Would you give me an example in this case ? Please

#2 DnD Hilder NomadSculpting app


You works are very strong! Congrats!,

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These models are for printing?

Thank You!

Yeas these are for my dnd capaigne :slight_smile: already printed :smiley: they look awesome in real life. I have one more ready and creating another one

oh nice, I’m also focused to print models, show us something printed
At 32mm?

Ok, check those out:

Even though they are highly detailed you can easily see the main subject and forms. All the details are there only to compliment a fairly simple volumes and silhouettes.

Main point is that your sculpt must be with clear and easily readable shapes from every angle. Details should be added carefully only for enhancement of main shapes, not overcomplicating the sculpt and confusing the viewer.

Your second sculpt is better.

Happy sculpting!


Wooow these are amazing :smiley: i understand. I will pay bigger attention to shape and major form design.

No I print them bigger like, 65mm tall up to 85 (the biggest so far)


Looks very cool, really cool. How you prepare it? You export directly as stl from nomad? Any tip about thin parts?

Silhouette of sculpt helps to show interesting final poses. There is a part of Zbrush that shows the silhouette of the model while sculpting to help get dramatic poses/form. There is probably an easy way of doing this in Nomad by adjusting the lights and effect settings.

Nice resin prints. Always neat to see other people’s work printed. :+1:t2:


Checking shading as unlit and material to refraction you get a silhouette.

Yes. Export as a stl file into lychee. Not even bother with errors if you know your model(i know that is incorrect approach but im printing minis for myself :p).
This helped me a lot it’s 5 part video. Main tip for thin parts like axe handle is a lot thin supports with thin tips(between 0,5-0,6 mm) next to each other and bracings between them.

I know the tuts of 3DPrintingpro, on Lychee I click the auto-pilot button :slight_smile: then check islands and add some support.

Will you show your prints:D ?

Uploading: WhatsApp Image 2021-07-30 at 16.54.38.jpeg…

I’m just started with minis, these are wip, for a tabletop game I’m been testing and a 20mm base for a friend that have a Hot Wheels circuit and need minis for the cars to show the races. El otro diseño son para Stargrave. With Nomad I do a quick jump into my workflow.