Violator. First sculpt

FANTASTIC app. :smiley:
Used a s23 ultra and i must say it handled the load pretty decently
Thanks for looking!


awesome stuff!

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Thank you very much!


Thats so nice mate , can i ask you what 3d printer did you use to make it real? Looks nice finished and detailed, im assuming its a resin 3d printer but would be nice to know whats the brand/ model…

wow very nice! all printed as one piece?

Printed on a form 2 resin printer! Not at all at max resolution, and .1 layer thickness


Well yes! Just to make it as hard as possible to paint :joy: I have it split up in the joints now, and will probably print a big version of this if i some day get a feeling for this model again… The street light above is hollow, to fit a cable and a led!


Thank to you both, appreciate it!!

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Awesome work. Good ol’ Spawny would be proud.

Thank you! :pray:

Blumming marvellous