Alex Sketchbook & WiP

Hello there =)

due to Glen’s awesome beginner course to nomad, I totally felt in love with nomad.
Beeing an illustrator and tattoo artist I heavily shyed away from 3d sculpting due to it beeing so complicated… so happy that something like nomad exists. :heart_eyes:

Though I do some traditional sculpting from time to time I am a bloody beginner when it comes to digital sculpting.
I do have quite a lot issues when it comes to “how do I do this?” “and why does this such weird things” but Im on my way :wink:
And since it has been ages that I had a creative sketchbook in an online board I would like to give it a try =)
I am always looking for feedback/tips on how to do better =)

This one here is the first piece that I think is worth showing, based on one of my tattoos. I hope to add the little fishes and to fix (find out how) to create the hair.


What a cutie. You did great!

Thank you =)

Some more doodling around. Having a hard time with the hair and the dress. The whol workflow with remeshing and subdividing still something that I regularly mess up.

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The clothes in the picture are too thick. Now nomad is very troublesome to make thin clothes. If the shell is too thin, it can’t be reconstructed with voxels. You can only add details or use dynamic meshes. (Dynamic meshes also have disadvantages, they are not smooth ), I hope Nomad can add ZRemesh functionality in the future!