Having issues with Nomad for 3 days now!

Ok so I have tried voxel remesh and it makes my project look all distorted and takes chunks out of it but it fixes the smoothing so thats bad. ive tried Smooth Shading option and it makes my project smooth but messes up edges that need to be rough. Literally been trying to make a model for days now and constantly having issues of my mesh getting all messed up and not working properly

Ive tried turning on vexel remesh different lvls and changing decimals still looks bad image1 — ImgBB It puts chips into my stuff so i go to smooth it out and it does this image2 — ImgBB Im so ready to give up on this I follow tutorials like them and have these issues it just wont work properly! the whole reason I got this app was to 3d model and I cant even start doing that because of the issues this is giving me.

The smooth shading in display settings is a visual thing so objects render smoothed even though the mesh is low poly. If you want to have smooth and sharp edges in the same object then try turning off smooth shading in the material menu for just the object you’re concerned with. Then get your smoothed areas looking good by tuning the mesh density - the more high-poly the mesh is, the smoother it will look even with smooth shading turned off. You can then model your sharp edges in a couple of different ways. You could crease / pinch / flatten the high-poly edges to look sharp OR you could mask out the smoothed areas and decimate the sharp edges so that they have fewer faces and therefore look sharper. Hope this helps.

Added some images to show you the object & wireframe on an object with two mesh densities

ok ill try it out ty

let me show u exactly what I try to do. IMG_0426 ive tried so many different things and all im trying to simple do is smooth out some lines and leave some rough it shouldnt be this difficult for a new person to get started in 3d modeling its been 3 days of having issues this is ridiculous. increasing voxels lower voxels ive tried so much crap it still looks like poop when i Smooth it out. I feel like ive wasted my money on this app I cant even do the basic smoothing to get started. when i increased the voxels to higher it made those ugly sideways lines in my smooth line i made. I def wish this software was more newbie friendly.

It’s a sculpting app, not a modeling app.

I’d say you need to just get your head around what you’re actually doing to the model. The mesh is made of flat faces - they don’t bend or smooth. You need more faces to get them to look smooth. Smooth shading helps but you need to be okay with the fact you’re trying to create a smooth surface using smaller flat surfaces. ANY sculpting app follows the same process. You just need to understand what is happening as you sculpt and then you’ll be less frustrated. I’ve made a new post over on the Discord with a few tips on how to create an Uber Smooth brush.
As Stephane says, this is a sculpting app - a modelling app uses different maths to create smooth edges. You can’t carve into those edges like you can in a sculpting app. You also can’t compare apps like Z Brush (sculpting) to apps like 3DS Max. They’re doing different things behind the scenes and that’s what I think you need to look into as you start as a 3D Newbie. In my opinion Nomad is the BEST newbie friendly sculpting app - it’d be a shame to see you quit on it so soon :grin:

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I am not sure tho it cant do 3d modeling? i seen someone add lights and painting to their sculpt etc it looks like it has 3d modeling capabilities? Maybe i read your post wrong : p. This can tho make 3d models just like blender can and render them out with detail like blender too? =o

yeah true its just alittle intimidating at first for sure but ill get the hang of it eventually!

The easiness of Nomad is giving the illusion that you don’t have to have any interest of what’s going on in the background.
What is the difference between a mesh consist of quads or triangles I.e.
What is voxel remesh in detail? And what can I expect?
And and and.
3D sculpting is easier than ever before with Nomad. With zBrush you would probably have already given up 3D at all already reading about your impatience and growing aggression about not making any progress.

One basic:
Sculpting apps are most powerful for organic sculpting.
And that is also my advice for a beginner. Start with organic forms where most of your problems do not count and you do not need so much background knowledge.
But giving up after 3 days. Oh boy!
It took me 6 month to get really into zBrush, and I had already lots of experience in 3Ds max. And still, after years, I am learning, learning, learning every day.
It will never end.
And it so much fun!

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Wow!!! Thats awesome