Help! Hard surface sculpting and 3D printing

Hello everyone!

At the moment I’m creating robots in NomadSculpt, and I love the software. The problem I have run into is voxel merging all of my bits and pieces. Once I merge everything to create a solid model one of two things happens: nomad crashes or a new model is created without sharp edges.

I have been printing the models without voxel merging them but it creates weaknesses in the geometry and 3D printed models. I’m not sure what to do.

Is there another software I should use to voxel merge/remesh without losing quality? Or another way to improve the strength of my models?

Any help/direction would be appreciated. Thank you!

I guess you should increase the voxel size of each part and remesh and then decimate.
Could you post some images to see it?

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Hi @Zebadiah. I has the same issue when I was making my robot

You can check my Full workflow link in description on Youtube.


Are you using the Keep Sharp Edges function when remeshing? It seems to work well for me when joining two surfaces.

IMO: Not worth buying a tutorial from a guy who can’t give a little help for free.
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It would be very helpful if you would post a picture of your robots - with and without wire frame.

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Thanks for all the quick responses. Yes, I have checked the box to keep sharp edges. I believe this is part of the source of my frustration :joy:

I’m out and about at the moment. When I get home I’ll upload some images to show the issue.

K, the robot is the Karen T-1000 aka Karen the Impaler aka Karen the Destroyer of customer service.

So the images I uploaded are: full size image pre voxel merge with and without wire mesh, and then pre and post voxel merge close up.

The settings on the voxel merge are 750 resolution and the keep sharp edges box is checked.

If you need alternate images or more let me know. Also it only lets me upload one image per post so this may take a minute.

So it will only let me upload one image at a time. This is the Karen T-1000 aka Karen the Impaler.

With wire frame pre voxel merge.

Close up pre voxel merge

Close up post voxel merge - settings 750 resolution and keep sharp edges checked.

Try remesh by parts, sometimes I found that remeshing all the parts at same time do weird results.

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I had a similar issue with a recent sculpt. I ended up exporting to obj and using Blender’s Boolean modifier to merge things. That worked well.

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As Josepmy said, merging parts one by one may help - almost as if putting the focus on the individual parts rather than spreading the focus to all parts.

Also, some of your parts are really close together or have very small indents (arms for example) that will be hard to keep the indentations crisp. If merging one by one doesn’t work, you can try masking and scaling indentations into the arms or something along those lines.

There was a post a little while ago that, while different, may help achieve the same affect: Objects that are close to each other merging after voxel merge

Hopefully it helps.

Meshmixer (pc) is free and easy to use. It has pretty decent Boolean options as well if you want to export. Or Blender as mentioned.


Unfortunately, I am not familiar with 3D printing. But is it even necessary to connect all parts with voxel remesh? I have looked at several 3D objects for printing and these can certainly consist of different individual objects. With Nomad Sculpt, it is possible to decimate cleanly without any problems, even with high details. Here in the example from 1.7 million to 13k without great loss.

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Heh, nope offcourse if I understand right about question. When you have a big and complex scene then decimate can help! But you will get a lot trouble with your complex model. Maybe we talking about different things.
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Thanks for the tips and suggestions. I’m going to try them out and I’ll let you all know what worked best. :+1::beers:

As long as everything is touching in some form or fashion, when you export it as an STL everything should be “merged”. I have printed multiple objects that were all separate objects in Nomad but printed just fine on my 3D printer. I would recommend decimating though to reduce the file size once your sculpt is complete. You can decimate a good amount before you start to lose detail.

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Yes, @Zebadiah this is another approach, just decimate enough and export to STL without remesh, I used it as explain @FlashpointCustoms and works fine.

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Hi, did you print with fdm printer or sla?because when only merge/join and export it to stl it doesn’t make it one mesh. If not as one mesh it difficult to hollow the model to be printed. I’m still having the troubles to print hard surface model since the voxel remesh will destroy the edge and connection without high polycount.