Merge Without Voxel Remesh

I want to merge a complex mesh with a simple mesh and do not wish to voxel remesh the whole thing. That would force the same resolution on everything. ’

I use Nomad to work on very high resolution fine art pieces. It works great for more organic forms. But in order to keep the detail without having millions of polygons, I have to keep different parts of the sculpture with different resolutions.

At times I want to merge two objects together and I don’t want to lose the tight details in portions of one mesh, but the rest of the meshes or parts of meshes can remain in a lower resolution. The only option is to merge the meshes with Voxel Remesh which in order to not lose the detail, I end up with 10s of millions of polygons, which frequently crashes my iPad.

Sometimes I import bases that I made in CAD, and they are perfect in lower res, but after a voxel remesh, they are less perfect.

I am requesting a way to merge two meshes, and only remesh the portions where they meet together and leave the rest of the geometry alone. The same thing applies to hollowing out a sculpture. I want to do that without a Voxel Remesh. There should be an option to only affect where the mesh that is being subtracted meets the mesh it is being subtracted from, leaving the geometry of the meshes untouched, except the fine lines where they meet.

Why not try and use dynamic typology? Which allows parts of the model to be of lower resolutions and other parts with higher resolution.

I found away to do it