"simple voxel merge"

Is there any possibility to create a ‘voxel merge’ option where the result is the same as ‘simple merge’ but inside everything is joined?

Separate the inside parts.
Voxel merge the inside parts.
Simple Merge inside and outside parts.

Would that work?

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As @RogerRoger said.

Otherwise, what you are probably asking for is polygonal boolean.

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Polygon based boolean would be great…

When I do a “simple merge” the pieces come together without losing any quality. But internally it is still separate and when I cut the pieces into multiple pieces (to print in multiple pieces) it doesn’t look right. When I do “voxel merge” internally it is all the same piece but I lose a lot of quality. A “simple merge” option that would put the pieces together internally would be great …

It’s exactly as I said you are asking for polygonal Boolean, which is not “simple” at all, especially with high poly.

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It may be best to export your parts and merge them together in a different program. Meshmixer is free and merger parts very well. You can adjust the settings of the merge so you don’t loose any quality.

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Thanks for the advice, I’m going to look for a tutorial where to learn how to do this with meshmixer. If you know any other interesting program where to correct these things let me know :smiley::ok_hand:

I imagine from your answer that what I have proposed is not at all easy to include. As I have said on occasion, I am learning everything I know about 3d sculpture thanks to Nomad Sculpt. I’m thinking of taking a zbrush course to complement my work at Nomad.

Increase the vertices for the merge to about as high as your iPad can handle and than after that you can decrease the vertices, once they’re joined.

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