My arts Showcase (3 done so far since I started using nomad)

I usually use nomad for colouring, texturing and rendering. I also use it for sculpting. I decided to share my progress here.


This one is an EarPod.

This one is a finger completely done in nomad


Entirely done in nomad. After seeing a couple of hard surface models from the community I decided to model the entire project in nomad. So far I am happy with it. I am very used to cad softwares so it was kinda hard for me to do the entire process in nomad but I enjoyed it.


Amazing renders. Loved it.

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Thank you!

Nice work! I know what you mean about coming from cad and having a hard time doing it in Nomad :rofl:

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A new one, this one has cubic design, kinda medic robot maybe!, previous one was a soldier robot.fully done in nomad.


My second try for sculpting a head. The first one is so bad that I prefer not to share it :slight_smile:
This one also bad from every angle, but the front view at least looks like a head :slight_smile: