First attempt on Nomad Sculpt

I’ve just started using Nomad since yesterday.
I’ve been a ZBrush user for a long time. And, I think Nomad gives me an amazing sculpting experience…Just amazing.
Thanks a lot for developing this wonderful app.


nice sculpt

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Isn’t it? I started with Sculptris years ago. Sculpting was more a hobby. Finally bought zBrush and all it’s awesome features buried somewhere in billions of sub menu’s. It took me month to get into it, somehow.
After I discovered NomadSculpt, I felt the freedom of Sculptris again, but with so much more functionality. 20 years of development at Pixologioc produced a monstrous amount of fantastic features.
But the future of joyful and easy sculpting is mobile, has real time PBR Rendering and a very intelligent UI.


Thanks a lot!

I totally agree. Same here, I started sculpting with Sculptris, and then ZBrush.
I’ve been an enthusiasts of ZBrush, but I think Nomad is beyond ZB in many ways, and it has a lot more potential than ZB.
Sculpting performance is amazing, realtime PBR rendering is so smooth even on my 1st gen iPad Pro 11”(2018 model). It’s not even a M1, but still really good.OMG.
I’m pretty much shocked as a long time ZB user.


Tried Zbrush didn’t get to like it and went for more simple yet harcore sculpting - Mudbox - one of my all time favourite sculpting software with ultra clean UI/UX and revolutionary (for its time) painting abilities. Halas no substantial development since 2014. Nevertheless I was using it until recently as I discovered Nomad - a dream came true!


Nice work!
Keep up!

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is it Sean Bean? Very impressive sculpt, i love it

I never used Mudbox but I totally agree with you about the lack of clean UI/UX in ZBrush.
Even me, who devoted my time and energy into ZBrush for years, think Nomad already beyond ZBrush on that. Of course still need more features like ZRemsher or Decimation master, but I feel it has a limitless potential, so time will tell.

I want to have “Mobile sculpting environment” like ZBrush or Blender, so I’m so happy now, and yeah, a dream came true too :blush:

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No it’s not Sean Bean, I just sculpted from my imagination.
I like Sean Bean though. maybe it affects to my imagination.

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