Finally using Nomad correctly

Started my journey in 3D here in nomad, and with my skills developed I transferred a lot of the skill to Zbrush. I thought however, that one day I’d replace nomad entirely with the major software. But I learned that my organic sculpts, non-hard surface, are so much better in nomad. So here is my most recent artpiece, where the entire body, flesh and non-hard surface were sculpted in nomad before sending to Zbrush!


Wow, very impresive! Nice work.

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Amazing! I have just started the journey and am really inspired by all the work on here.

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Nicely done. I note that you’re not alone in combining Nomad and ZBrush. Pablo Munoz Gomez, a 3D artist and someone who offers courses and brushes for Brush uses both (as well as others).

I’m curious as to how far you took the sculpt in Nomad before detailing it in ZBrush.

Again, nice work!

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Thanks for your kind words!

Yeah Pablo is a legend, to even be mentioned in the same sentence feels incredible :sweat_smile:

Here are some screenshots of what I sent to Zbrush and Blender!


Nice detail and texturing.

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It looks great, but yeah i too have started to see Zbrush isn’t the Alpha and Omega of Sculpting programs like we’ve been told for so long as well. i would use Nomad Sculpt if it had a Desktop PC Feature, i don’t have a Phone or Tablet that can handle it. but ive lately been using 3D Coat, and once you figure out how to fine tune it “like make a Shader thats more like Zbrush” and fix your brushes, its honestly just as good imho as Zbrush. plus it’s got a built in poly modeler.
but i still want to use Nomad too, i just hope it comes to Desktop someday. regardless im going to try to get a Tablet and use Nomad for when im away from the computer, and 3D Coat/Zbrush for when im at it. “Zbrush for the couple things i haven’t learned to do in 3D Coat yet”

I do think Zbrush is the best in many cases though, however not for making “sketches” and blockouts. I am trying out Maya a bit as well and finding some really good things there, but of course stronger in modeling than sculpting.

I am always open to try different things but I do think Zbrush offers a great opportunity for the smallest of details.