Noob, working on hard surface lighting and texturing on simple assets

Nomad is way more powerful than I originally thought. When I first started using it in my workflow it was mostly for architectural reference as a set/BG designer in film and animation. Coming from a 2D background I’ve been slow to learn these sorts of softwares, and something like Blender is SO intimidating, and I haven’t had the $$ to fork over for Adobe software/hardware.
Now, wanting to create my own films, I’ve been browsing the forum and watching tutorials and MAN. So much to this app it’s pretty incredible. I’m not a creature/character designer, I’m an enviro person, but the artists and their creativity on here are mind-blowing - not least because of the creative ways you guys all use this app to get great results of studio quality.
Here is one of my humble experiments. Trying to combine various looks for 2d/3d in combination with other softwares. Hopefully they’ll get more complex soon! I’m going for a sort of vintage, stopmo look.


Looks great!
Can you turn the turntable speed down a little so we can see the details better? Right now it’s moving too fast :slight_smile:


Sure! I think that first video the slowest available on Nomad but I slowed the original turntable down a bit via LumaFusion. It doesn’t have the 8mm lens on it - but you can see its normal texture and lighting this way anyway. Still messing around with filters and adjustment layers for the right look, so this is as good as any!

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And here’s the slower with the 8mm.


You know, i firmly believe if the Developer/Creator would just release this program on PC/Steam, it would put a MASSIVE Dent in Zbrush’s Users… i feel like people would just use this and Blender, instead of Blender and Zbrush workflow.
i know the only reason i don’t have Nomad sculpt is due to not having an Ipad, or a decent Pad/Phone of any sort. thats what some people don’t get… not everyone has a Phone or Pad, even in 2022…

Btw if you’re interested in using Blender, i can help you with literally Thousands of Dollars of Tutorials id be happy to share with you, not only that but ive curated a massive amount of tutorials on Youtube, on a playlist of just blender tutorials ive found to be incredibly useful… AND if you need Zbrush, i have an Educational License for it i could give you i guess. just let me know i guess. im all about helping someone if they really want to learn. learning 3D Literally saved my life… without it, id probably have given up by now… thats how much 3D art means to me…well, art in general. but yea.

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I’m interested in your Playlist :slight_smile:
Learning Zbrush right now, and have already bought to workshops for Blender after that.

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Ok cool, let me see how to link my playlists… this is the first time ill be linking any of them so im sorta new to it lol. if you want any other types of tutorials let me know too, cause i can find just about anything online one way or another too. ← Zbrush for normal random Artists
Btw keep in mind im still adding to these literally EVERY DAY, so some of them might be a little bigger than others, but its a work in progress lol < – Blender Tutorials

as i said im making more all the time too. if these links don’t work, let me know. i got them set to public but that doesn’t mean youtube can’t be buggy or confusing sometimes right?

id post more but it says new users can only post two links, so ill just wait till my account is more seasoned before i can keep posting more. but if you look up Glitch-Gremlin on youtube, you’ll find me and ill be able to link more there. or you might be able to see them on my profile, who knows?

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I get the PC/Steam issue for sure. But I think there’s two sides to that coin: I don’t have the money to fork over for a desktop, two monitors, and a Wacom tablet - or a Cintique. My iPad is my entire workstation for both art and business; so that’s one way to look at it I suppose. One of these days I’ll have to get a desktop but that, hopefully, won’t alter my workflow too much.

Hey thanks SO much!! I’m learning Blender slowly but every little bit helps!!

I use it on a chromebook, it works well, gets me a huge screen. I bought a refurbished Acer Chromebook 713 i5 / 16GB ram / 256gb storage for about 500$ off of ebay (You have to make sure you get one that supports styluses) and then bought a stylus, it works great.

I have a much older Samsung Chomebook Plus, which I use as well, it came with a stylus but at 4gb of ram it’s a bit too slow, but it has a very high quality high resolution screen.

Also on the chromebook you can run linux, which means you can Blender, Unity, Openscad, etc side by side with nomad.