Is nomad sculpt just as powerful as blender sculpting?

I know blender is an all in one studio but i have asked about blender and its capabilities with the blender community specifically about sculpting.

I asked a question saying if blender is capable of doing high end sculptures like you see in figures and statues by prime 1 studios or sideshow collectables.

I got a few responses talking about how blender isnt that powerful. And those sorts of works are really only capable in zbrush. They also said that no matter how powerful your computer is, blender simply wont reach those levels due to the software itself.

So i was just wondering since nomad is specifically designed for sculpting but more so comes on less powerful devices atleast compared to desktops or gaming laptops. and blender while powerful only has a smaller dedicated sculpt area and cant reach zbrush levels even if both programs were used on the same device. Then is nomad sculpt and blender expected to be the same in sculpting capabilities and limitations?

I cant really find proper comparisons between nomad and blender and i also heard that blender can atleast reach 20 mil polygons while nomad can get 30 mil. That may be off with blender estimates but thats what ive seen online with blenders poly count limit.

I was looking at some pictures of Prime 1 Studio. If you have enough talent you can create something like this with Nomad. But you should use an IPad Pro 16GB and not a 3GB Android phone.
I wonder what all the questions are for. Are you using Nomad Sculpt at all right now? The app costs almost nothing.
Just get started.
Use the Google Images search for Nomad sculpt and check out the results, some users create marvels with the app.

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@Holger_Schoenischka yeah currently i have it on my iphone but i was wondering about the comparison between the two sculpting software due to what people have said about blender specifically.

It wasnt to doubt nomad sculpt and its capabilities, ive looked and seen many sculptures done in nomad and its quite amazing and actually the stuff id like to make. i just figured from what i heard it seems like blender and nomad were similar which seemed interesting to ask about.

But you saying that nomad is capable of prime 1 studio only helps inspire me more to continue using nomad and to get better. I was going to buy an ipad actually,its just finding the time.

I do have blender too on my laptop and was planning on getting a new laptop aswell, but i could only get one. and lately id decided for the ipad because i already knew nomad was what i needed, aswell as other apps and personal uses.

Admittedly it can be alittle nerve racking to invest quite abit of money for something that may or may not be what i was hoping but again looking at other artists and you responding only help more.

Im honestly excited to get into nomad more and properly use it on a bigger screen and proper pen.

It should be noted that it is not the software / hardware that creates the objects, but the user who uses the software as a tool.
I hope you are artistically and app technically on the level of Prime Studio 1 artists, because if not, then even the best software / hardware will not help.
Have fun sculpting.



Thank you, i only wish to learn and grow with sculpting. and i think nomad will be of great help with that.

Artist like you and many other great artists only help strive me to getting to that level one day.

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I am not a particularly skilled 3D artist and, have limited experience with modern tools. So, take my opinions with appropriate caution.

Nomad and Blender are different tools with different strengths. I use them both and, in some cases, do different parts of the same project in both programs. They are both useful and, both worth learning.

In my perception, it is a lot easier and more intuitive to do organic sculpting in Nomad, using its tools and the tactile interface of the iPad. It’s more like working clay.

At my skill level, Blender allows me to sculpt certain sorts of things with more precision. In particular, things with flat surfaces and sharp edges or, where a curve being exact matters. It might be better if exact scale of components is needed.

Blender also seems to handle some things with less hassle. For example, in a recent project, I was trying to merge a hundred or so tiny parts, whose exact geometry mattered, with a larger body. I had a hard time convincing Nomad to do it as desired but, it just worked with Blender’s boolean operation. I am pretty sure it could have been done in Nomad but, it was easier for me in Blender.

Being a sort of “multi tool,” Blender does some things Nomad does not. If I want any animation besides the object rotating on a turntable, I’ll use Blender. Rigging for use in a video game or for some animation will also require a tool like Blender.

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Yeah i see what you mean i have used both programs but my devices dont allow for its full potential.

i dont tend to worry about the other aspects of blender as i only focus on the sculpting area and 3d printing the models.

Aswell as i like to do more organic sculpts to rather then hard surfac modeling.

Thanks for the advice it definitely does help alot.

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Nomad is the closest thing to having clay in your hands. Blender is like having a… computer in your hands. The learning curve on Blender.

For me, if I wanted to get a 3-dimensional shape in the air with as little turbulence as possible, it’s Nomad by a mile. That’s what I felt, anyway.


@Nick_McDaniel with what i see people create with nomad a can see why.