I think Nomad Sculpt is enough for me

Before I found Nomad Sculpt, of course I tried learning the most famous free 3D program, Blender…

I got frustrated when trying to learn Blender so I turned to PlayStore and searched for a 3D modeling app, that’s where I found Nomad Sculpt. :smiling_face:

Thanks to the many YouTubers who taught me…

But by the time I was learning Nomad Sculpt, I still tried to learn Blender… because I was still curious about it…

My experience in learning Blender was never happy. I always ended up feeling frustrated, facing some issues that I couldn’t fix.

So I was like, “You know what? I’m just going to follow this Blender tutorial using Nomad Sculpt!”

And that’s where I finally felt “satisfied”…

I can recreate almost any object that I saw in some Blender tutorials by using Nomad Sculpt.

I mean, of course not “every little detail”, but just the overall look of an object. And that’s enough for me…

In anyway, my laptop is not strong enough for running Blender…

Trying to make one smooth object already feels heavy for my computer… I’m not willing to buy a new computer just for running Blender.

But Nomad Sculpt runs very smooth in all my cheap Android devices… :blush:


I love the fact that a free open source software like Blender exist and keeps getting better, but my experience was also hard and frustrating.
I also had the problem of my laptop getting stuck in a very old version because the new version were unable to be instaled on it.
I can say that BELNDER is like hiking in a very rocky and broke trail up hill under a burning sun with 50 celcius or 122 Fahrenheit temperature with out water skin burned with very tight footware and Nomad is like walking barefoot on a soft sandy beach with a warm but refreshing ocean playing between my feets with a 27 celcious , 80 Fahrenheit day while drinking a very cold coconut with a nice breeze playing with the little hair I still have in my head LOL


Same, I happen to have spondylitis and can’t be at a desk for long periods of time despite all the different modeling and sculpting software available on PC, I tend to always go back to my iPad and Nomad Sculpt.

I also don’t like getting into lots if complicated UI or menus, I love how streamlined Nomad is !

In the future I’m considering an iPad pro,