Is Nomad Sculpt good enough to be used professionally/exclusively? compared to blender/zbrush etc

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Feels great to be here. Im new but I am pretty experienced in digital art. 3D sculpting is my next dream to master, and having bought a Tab S7+, Nomad seems to be the best choice to start! My farfetched goal is actually to make my own 3D games, be it a hobby or maybe professionally one day… and i know it will be a difficult but not impossible dream. Will Nomad be sufficient for the 3D modeling of games? I’ve heard nothing but great things about SouthernGFX’s course and planning to go for it!

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As far as I see nomad is good for beginner up to professional.

You can make you own model with high details as much as you want (depending device ram)
but that’s all.
You still need Blender Maya and so on to create low poly of the model to project the high details of the model you creat in nomad,
Ps nomad doesn’t have UV though.

There’s some people who make model in nomad and finish it in blender.
Like this one
Elf Rogue ♤ by GLW

Thanks for the reply!

Guess my first step is to master Blender and practice with Nomad whenever im out and about. On to the course. Thanks!

I would say that it can definitely be used as a great starting point for professional work. The workflow is similar to sculpting in Blender or Zbrush but (in my opinion) much more user friendly. You can complete your whole sculpt in nomad and export it out of the program and bring it into Blender or Maya to retopologize, unwrap, and texture. Of course, if you’d like to go the vertex paint route you can do that within nomad, export into Blender, and even transfer the vertex paint onto uv maps after the model is unwrapped.

I’ve been using Nomad both personally and professionally and it has served me well!

Nomad is a great place to learn to sculpt but ZBrush and Blender have so many more features that you will eventually want to add that software to your skill set. The advantage to what you chose is that now you can concentrate on learning to sculpt in Nomad while you save for the next hardware and software. From the goal you stated you are on a journey learning to sculpt and over time you’ll add other software and hardware as you learn. The sculpting skills you learn in Nomad will translate to future software.
The sad truth about computer art is you always move from one app to the next and from one computer to the next. The day after you buy an app and a computer is the day you start saving for the next app and computer.
Nomad is amazing and I love it, but ZBrush is twenty years older and can do things Nomad can’t…yet. ZBrush is also a complex high learning curve beast. By learning to sculpt in Nomad you’ll reduce your ZBrush learning curve because you’ll already know how to sculpt and can concentrate on just the new software.
Right now, just sculpt every day.

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Professionally & exclusively?

Depends on what is one expecting from a sculpting app?

  • Creating and sculpting 3D objects?
    Yes, Nomad easy UI let’s you achieve this.

  • Painting?
    Yes, you have Basic vertex painting tools in Nomad, letting you achieve already amazingly results.

  • UV‘s for texturing?

  • Rendering?
    Almost yes. The results are breathtaking for a real time output on tiny devices. But Subsurface scattering Just to mention one missing thing, are levelling up other renders.

  • Adding easily fine detail objects, like hair, fabric, fur?
    No, Nomad is on it‘s way but not there.

  • Posing?
    Possible, but far away from optimal.

As an Illustrator Nomad is maybe all you need - combined with painting and vector apps, for 3D, no.

But no sculpting app except blender is offering everything you need to solve all tasks in 3D.
And blender is not perfect in any solution it offers.

My opinion.

But Nomad let’s you enter this amazing field of 3D sculpting with wonderful ease giving you most satisfying results.

From my point of view nomad sculpt can handle
Modeling for games

Actually I’m planning to start a (game assets) series on my channel in the coming weeks.

For now you can check my low poly series
Which prove the concept of low poly modeling in nomad sculpt even if it’s not the ideal method
But it will get the job done.

Low poly series part 1

Low poly series part 2

Also I made some money
Selling animation on Shutterstock
made only with nomad sculpt and LumaFusion on iPad.

So my final thought is yes

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For illustration purpose yes it can be enough.
For printing it can be as well (a decimation pass could be welcomed though).

Exclusively to make a game asset?
Not at all, and it’s not the purpose of Nomad.

Actually even zbrush wouldn’t be enough as it’s missing animation/rigging and proper pbr texturing.
Blender can do it all but honestly for pbr texturing, substance is just on another level.

On the matter of it being good enough for professional work: absolutely.
It is much, much, much more than good enough. It’s more about if it makes sense to fit in your pipeline.

Can you use it build to a final production game asset and send it as a deliverable? No.
No high poly sculpting program can, you’ll still need a dcc app. (you might technically be able to with zbrush…but your AD/TD will likely punch you in the face if you do :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: )