Elf Rogue ♤

One of a few elven characters I’m working on. 90% of this was done entirely in Nomad with the additional 10% going to retopology in 3D Coat and setup in Blender and Lightwave. The final render was done in Lightwave with color tweaks in Affinity Photo. Nomad device: Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ 6gb

The hair and eyes are based off: Blend Swap | SILKY HAIR

Process of getting files into 3D Coat with vertex paint:

  • export as .gltf
  • import as.gltf in Blender
  • export as .ply from Blender
  • import as .ply in 3D Coat


Uh, complete different level! Very well done! :clap:

Nice job!..

Thanks much. :slightly_smiling_face:

Love the elf! :heart_eyes:

Thank you! :slight_smile:

she looks great! It’s nice to see people making production ready models form this package… I dream of a day where I no longer need a desktop system :slight_smile: