Gonzo ‐ NetEnt Fan Art ♤

Fan art of NetEnt’s Gonzo from the iGaming/Casino world.

100% Nomad on Android here. Working on the retopology in 3D Coat and will append it to this post when it’s ready.

Thanks for looking.


Some updates to this one. I retopologized the character in 3D Coat, then rigged, animated, and rendered him in Lightwave. I’m working on another rig in Blender and will post it when it’s ready. This is part of a Proof of Concept series I’m putting together fir my day job.

Also sculpted out some additional props in Nomad to go with the renders (this is inspired by the game, Gonzo’s Quest).


A Blender’ed update. :slight_smile:

The treasure chest was also sculpted in Nomad.

Used the 2 in one of my banners at work. The background in the first image is from an Evolution game asset. The pink and blue and beam are from William Hill’s brand guidelines.