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I had a question. Is it possible to use this as a professional sculpt tool. Looking for a portable sculpting and 3D modelling app. I have been working in blender before. I need a portable version. Can you do professional works with this?


You need to be more specific about you mean by « professional ».

Assets ready-to-use from start to finish for games? no
(but at the same time, even on desktop there are almost no apps that can do that from scratch, apps are usually specialized)

I mean blender is more than specialized. How do you feel about that?
I mean could you do concept art on this?

There is a web demo, simply test it nomad - WebAssembly

Blender aims at doing everything, Nomad mainly focus on the sculpting aspect

Do you know if I can sculpt here and then do a animation in blender? How is the file created supported on other apps?

Yes you can export to obf/gltf format.
However Nomad doesn’t export textures, but you can read back vertex colors if needed Files | Nomad Sculpt

@hamran I’m a digital freelance artist with 20 years experience. In this field I am a professional artist using Nomad. It has replaced some of my previous work apps and is now top of my roster. It really is dependant on what you intend on using Nomad for - but 3D illustration and 3D printing are two prime areas Nomad excels in. Any model can be taken off of Nomad and brought into desktop software.

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Same advice here. 3D printing, 3D Illustration, Concepts, All can be done in Nomad. If you want to animate a character, you can do the concept in Nomad but you have to use other software for retopology, UV, convert vertex paint into textures, rigging, skinning and animation.
So far there is no mobile solution offering this. And if parts of above features are offered, they are no good.


Most definitely. But it depends on what your end goal is. It won’t replace Blender or Maya but it certainly can keep up with the basic sculpting capabilities of the desktop software.
What Nomad lacks in certain areas it makes up for with it’s ease of use, portability. It’s definitely quicker to get ideas started with Nomad on an iPad than sitting at a desk. :slightly_smiling_face: