Does nomad allow you to make full body characters with high amounts on detail?

I dont know if the picture appeared but im basically wondering if nomad allows for not only full body characters which i know it does. but details like veins, pours, little rough details, and creases over the body.

The picture above is of venom which was done in zbrush and artist is unknown but does nomad allow for details like this in zbrush and for organic creatures and characters?

Could the most powerful tablet that nomad comes on handle something like that, and can i do something like that without difficulties with ram, polygons, lag and crashes?

In short: Yes you can!

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Thats great to here but is there any limit nomad has that zbrush doesn’t, comparing details specifically?

I was kinda hoping to use nomad as my go too sculpting software as computers and zbrush can be expensive and i want something i can take anywhere and create things to 3d print. Nomad just seems perfect in terms of working on a tablet and portability.

Im also a fan of side show collectables and there statues, and thats kinda what i want to do only smaller scale and im hoping nomad allows for that kind of work.

Nomad is very expensive as you need to buy a 2500€ iPad + pencil for almost Nomad only. :rofl: That’s the biggest difference.

I guess Southern GFX made a test when e got his max spec 2021 ipad. Search YouTube.
Other than that, no one would buy zBrush any more, if an 17 buck ipad app could outperform it. There are hundreds of features in zBrush which are not available in Nomad. And you can’t go even close to the massive amount of zBrushs High Res details.
You can have a 64 core machine with 256GB of RAM or more working with zBrush.
It really depends what you wanna do.
Nomad is not an replacement of a full sculpting package, but together with I.e. blender you can do almost anything.
There is no one mobile app solution like blender, even not like zBrush or 3D Coat and I doubt there will be one coming in near future. But together with some apps and a bunch of workarounds and online tools you maybe are able to do everything on a mobile device……twenty times slower.

But doing nice real-time renders, Nomad outperforms zBrush, but not 3D Coat. And in way of fun and easiness, anything else is just a pain.

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@knacki So its best to use nomad with another 3d software to get high detailed sculpts?

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It’s a great tool! Maybe you need a hammer for some things, or a screwdriver for others… everybody uses their tools differently, you know? But it’s a great tool nonetheless!

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I don’t see why not, Nomad runs better on my phone (s22 ultra) than sculpting in Blender on my laptop (16Gb RAM, 4Gb discrete GPU up to 8 shared, older i7) with a Wacom One. In my experience, Nomad is incredibly stable and efficient.

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@Dain you might need a new computer, it should work fine, i have a surface pro 6 and it runs fine.

I do need a new computer. Plan on getting one soon, deciding between a desktop or laptop. (I like sculpting in my recliner)

@Dain why not a 2 in 1 laptop?

It really depends What you mean of high level detailing.

I’ve made these:

Here’s one example rendered:


Wow they are amazing, that horned demon especially is what i mean with detail. like the rough skin, creases, muscles, face details, extra spikes other sculpted textures and the horns and body.

Is that completely sculpted textures for ah zor gol, or is it a texture map over the model?

Thats what i want to achieve, or atleast want possible for nomad to get that level of sculpting detail.

May i ask what sculpting ah zor gol was like?

its very detailed so i want to know did you have any trouble, like ram issues, to many polys, crashes or lag?

did you make the limbs seperate from the body or was it a single mesh to begin with when you started sculpting?

Because i was planning on creating a body from tubes which would then be merged together then sculpted on, creating a single mesh.

Everything is sculpted and painted in nomad with the paint tools! It’s also rendered in nomad so no PC was used here. I did use procreate to blur but that’s all!

He was built on several primitives mostly using Spheres, then First merging arms separately, legs separately, torso separately and head separately.

It took about 9 hours from start to finish to create him. I used some self made skin and scale alphas and then I creased, flattened and clay built on top to create final details.

Thanks for your kind words!


That’s absolutely amazing, and truely inspiring that not only created in nomad but how it overall turned out.

With the muscles, did you use multiple primitives to shape each muscle?

And im not sure if you may know but is sculpting seperate parts like limbs better then sculpting from a single mesh to begin with?

I just personally to prefer to have a single mesh for the body already posed, and add primitives for objects like your spikes or horns. while arms, legs, torso and head are one, thats why i ask.

This right here is the stuff i would love to do, monsters, creatures and characters that have all this detail. You have no idea how great it is to see people use there tablets to this degree to create what was only really done with computers and higher end software. Its so inspiring and im happy this is what can be done.

Thank you. do you have like an artpage or a place where you show off your work?

Thank you, again!

The reason I merge them separately are for process reasons as well as it’s easier to change the pose before finally merging it all together in the end.

I create muscles with reference and build them one sphere at a time (with mirroring selected to build the other side simultaneously).

You can check out my art here:

Or on my instagrams

My game project with Ah’zor-Gol and many more:


And my personal:


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I wouldn’t sculpt directly on an expensive laptop myself. As someone who fixes a lot of laptops, I do not trust lid hinges very much. Currently my setup is…
wireless keyboard on left (for shortcuts) Wacom display ------ Laptop as main screen to right…
While kicked back in the recliner. :slight_smile: I need a desktop cradle behind the recliner with display arms that come up on the sides!

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These are great!

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Ill definitely check those links out,

@Dain Thats a good setup