I just have a question about ram and details

I found this really detailed sculpture and im wondering if your able to get consistent details like this for any models especially people and other animals and creatures?

Ive heard that nomad, while great is still limited and only offers 12gb for the most powerful tablets and that it serves for a tool to be used with other software.

But if you can do this level of sculpting then surly it can be plenty for realistic details and textures aswell as professional modeling?

I also believe the picture has 800mb used out of 11gb of ram, i may be wrong. I know that multiple tools are involved to get that low. But does that mean you can get even more details and subtools especially with only using 4mil vertices too?

As thats kinda what i want like to do, and create full characters and creatures, posed and full of detail.

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:wink: A Nomad Sculpt beginner sent me this screenshot, so up to 24 Mio vertices she had no problems …

So, plenty of room for detais.


I need a better version of iPad as I only have Gen 6 iPad from 2018, and this is what I use with Nomad. I wish I had more memory to work with. Although it’s good enough as I’m still just a beginner. I do have a very powerful PC and could use Zbrush or Blender, but because of my spondylitis in my neck and lower spine, using IPad and Nomad are essential for me when I can’t use my PC for long periods of time because of pain and being uncomfortable.

So in in the future I plan on getting a better iPad to use with this wonderful app. I love it!

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@Holger_Schoenischka what about creating a full body for the character, would it be enough?

i think the ipad pro m1 16gb is the best tablet in terms of power out there, but i believe theres also surface pros, and 2 in 1 laptops that have the power and tablet form. @Nexus

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A basic answer to your question is yes. You can get that amount of detail in a full character in that amount of vertices. You can use as many, or as few, objects as you want. If you have more RAM, then go wild. There are no real rules to this game.

Like any other software, Nomad is a tool. It can be used in many ways just like other software out there. There are also many people whose opinions are going to be skewed by numerous factors that are hardly worth getting into. Even from my stewed and pickled brain.

I’m quite certain that I’d disagree with those that see it as limited though. Some will say it’s limited because it doesn’t have this or that tool that I absolutely must have to do a super specific bit of modeling and it couldn’t possibly be done any other way. Complete BS. I’d find it hard not to at least wonder if those people are the same ones that are truly waiting for the new AI to create everything for them and then pass it off as their own because they masterfully typed in a few words. Either way, I have yet to see anything that Nomad isn’t capable of creating (except maybe super realistic hair, which could likely still be done if you didn’t mind spending a serious amount of time). It has nothing to do with the tool, only what you learn to do with it or even sometimes force it to do for you. Sure, it could be easier to do one thing or another if it had this or that added, but easier and not capable or limited is an entirely different matter.

You also have to remember a few things. This program is still quite young. Most of what people are comparing it to are programs that have been around for a long time now. That’s pretty damned impressive if you ask me. Those programs not only have had a while to iterate and evolve, but they did so with entire teams of people. Nomad is all done by one guy. And yet not only is it comparable, in some areas it outshines them, and all on a portable device. That’s just currently. That doesn’t even count the new things that we already know are coming and who knows how many that we don’t.

It’s probably apparent that I’m a bit of a fan of Nomad, so my opinion might be skewed a bit in favor of it (you are also on the forum for Nomad, so that’s likely expected). But, it depends on what you want to do with your sculpt afterwards. It’s a sculpting program and it does exactly what it says it does (plus a lot more) quite well.

Also, the iPad Pro that I am using is a couple years old now and I still haven’t maxed it out yet. There’s still a lot more I can pull out of it before I get a new one (if they make one with a bigger screen).


Thanks for the advice. i do like nomad too, and it is a better form factor for me personally.

I was thinking about getting the newer ipad pros, and using nomad as my same sculpting tool.

If im able to get that finer details in characters, with enough for subtools aswell to create scenes than thats more than enough.

Im not looking for nomad to be 100% like zbrush or blender. Alot of tools they have i would never use as i just focus on sculpting.