Ipad-created content

Hi there, Im new to Nomad
… Thinking about making am iPad purchase plus this software. Looka intriguing.

I’m aware it’s available in a desktop/pc/Mac version as well?

So I was wondering

Is there an area on the forum specifically where iPad created content can be seen/viewed?

Just looking to see what’s possible!


Hey, welcome to the forum. Nomad is a mobile device (iOS/Android) software only. All the pics you see in the forums are of sculpts done on iPad, iPhone, or Android devices. Some people export their sculpts for final touches, rendering, etc. but the bulk of it is done in Nomad.

There is an online WebDemo version but that is only for testing. It’s free to use for anyone but has the export feature disabled so you can’t take your work with you. It’s updated with the latest features being tested for future releases so if you use it to see if you like the software, please be aware that the current version doesn’t have all the same features and layouts - the update should be fairly soon according to the dev.

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