Will i be able to recreate sculptures like these in nomad on an ipad pro m1?

Its nearing christmas and im wondering if i should get a new ipad, especially for taking to university for studying both 2d and 3d art

Also if possible, how would you recommend i go about making these especially the more complex ones.

Seeing as how I replicated the Michaelangelo David pose in this sculpt on a 2020 iPad Pro (A12Z chip) in the lazy course of a week, the next two iPad Pros following that (M1 & M2) will have zero issues recreating any classic work — just limited to user skill.



The question is difficult to answer, because Nomad Sculpt is only a tool. With Nomad Sculpt you can sculpt any work of art. But, to copy these artworks YOU need to have the same talent as the artist himself to use the app :wink:.
So, if you want to know if you can create such artwork with Nomad Sculpt and an IPad -YES - if you can do it, I can’t answer, but with years of practice you can do it :slightly_smiling_face: .


Thats great, so nomad would allow for such sculpts without technical limitations? @Holger_Schoenischka

Pretty sure you’ll hit your artistic limits copying those sculpts before you hit tech limits.

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Oh i never meant to copy them, i just used them as examples for the idea of implementing that sort of detail and having complex sculpts like that with the 12gb available on the m1 ipads @mestela

On my iPhone 12. Again, the tech isn’t the limitation here.


@mestela goddamn that’s amazing and on an iphone of all things

do you have more art to share?

Heh it’s from


@mestela oh so you downloaded a 3d scan and didn’t actually make it in nomad?

Yep, downloaded scan, shows nomad can handle that amount of detail fine.

I’ve done some mildly complex setups from scratch, others have done REALLY complex setups, nomad is able to handle remarkable amounts of geo.

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While that may be true wouldnt a scan have different polycounts to sculpt from scratch the same thing?

Like wouldnt subdivide, subtools and all that be more polys than the scanned version? @mestela

Why don’t you just sculpt and have a go? Nomad can sculpt into the millions of polys on my 4 year old ipad, that scan is 660,000 polys. I don’t see why you keep raising questions when you could just buy the app and find out for yourself.

I dont have an ipad just my iphone, ive been wanting to get an ipad you see. for university doing art. and i wanted to know my limitations. i do have nomad on the phone but its not really useful without a pen. @mestela

Why not buy MacBook Air for same price as iPad pro?(I might be wrong, but isn’t price difference would be in diapason of hundreds of dollars?) I don’t understand why not, if you’re going to do something as serious as you’ve shown in picture above. You’ll spend approximately 4 hours a day at least. That said, there is zero need in portability above laptops’.

There’re plenty enough videos on people running zbrush on Airs online recently.

or to go further if money wasn’t the issue you questioned

@Mykyta yeah ill look into it thanks

Sure you can do it…with Nomad you can do similar projects than other softwares.

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Wow did you do that yourself? @jcontanaya


Im using from long time ago 3DCoat in Windows, but when Nomad was released to iPad and Android…uahhhhuuuu, to sculpt Im using only iPad and Android.

My previous project was based in “sculpture world”…and was made in Nomad too (but rendered in PC).

I allways said than Nomad may be the best 3d scuplt, intuitive and easy to use than I used.


Thats amazing, stuff like that only helps inspire me.

So just to be clear, that sculpture you first sent. the one with multiple people reaching up, was that done in solely in nomad or was that done in 3d coat? @jcontanaya