How to Export from Nomadsculpt to Blender3d (step by step) Tutorial

This tutorial is a small part of a large course on creating a bust of a predator.

You can download full course from this links:

Gumroad: Making of Predator Advanced TUTORIAL for Nomad Sculpt
Cubebrush: Predator Advanced TUTORIAL for Nomad Sculpt

In full course, you see my full workflow on Ipad with NomadSculpt. This is a full-fledged process of 3D sculpting. The lesson consists of 1 hour 14m lectures divided into several chapters with voiceover in English:





+OVER 5 Hours video full workflow

I hope you will like it!

ArtStation gallery:

Instagram :


Tutorial is avaliable here:

Isn’t there someone who can right a tiny script or Plug for Blender to automise this procedure?
It’s tedious, it’ s a waste of time.
That would be so lovely!

If I just cut code a bit more than extremely simple shit.

It is simple! Just save your material once and move it to your Asset browser.
After that you can Add this material to any Nomad 3D sculpt model.

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