Godot Game Asset Workflow?


I’m new to Nomad. How could Nomad be part of a iPad and Mac tool chain workflow from idea to animated asset in a 3D Godot game?

So far this is what I’ve got:

  1. Develop an Idea
    Sketch some concepts using Forge, which I find to be the best to quickly iterate ideas: ‎Forge - Brainstorm & Organize on the App Store

  2. Model in Nomad
    Move the 2D idea to 3D. Then decimate and UV map the model before exporting it into Procreate for painting. Though I guess I could stay in Nomad?

… fill in the blanks.

X. Ready asset animating in Godot… hehe

Can you help out here?

You definitely want to add a retopology step in your workflow if you want to animate your character. Decimation is fine for static objects, but the edge loops you need around joints for good animation just can’t be achieved inside Nomad. You can use CozyBlanket on the iPad for retopology or you have to export to a regular animation package where and you can also have better control of your uv’s.