Apps to pair with nomad

Ok so i’m looking for all kinds of apps to allow me asset creation on ipad. I want to only go and sit by my desktop when setting up a scene for rendering or for unreal.

While nomad is at center of this, it has no ”traditional“ modeling tools to create a good topology base mesh for example.

I guess most people already heard of shapr(cad) or cozyblanket(retopo).

I today accidentally found one (a bit shitty but better than nothing) called “3D modeling: design my model” (wtf is that name even) it has poly modeling but crappy interface and not the best performance.

It was recommended to me just today in app store despite the fact that it is supposedly been out for months and i’m searching apps like that daily (i hate app store)

Anyways, this made me think there might be other apps that might pair well with nomad to complete asset creation on ipads.

So anyone knows good apps that can be useful (modeling, texturing, UV etc)?

EDIT: List of known useful apps or online tools, mentioned in this thread, no particular order (random):

  1. Shapr (cad - god for mechanical base meshes)
  2. OnShape (shapr alternative)
  3. Morphi (2D to 3D and some extra)
  4. Procreate (texture painting)
  5. Poseit (posing character base meshes)
  6. Cozyblanket (retopology)
  7. 3D modeling: design my model (low poly modeling)
  8. (jpg to stl mesh)
  9. SmartNormap 2.0 (normal map generation)
  10. Autodesk FormIt (BIM, Architecture)
  11. Sketchup (Architecture concepts)
  12. (various shapes generators)
  13. Live Normal (albedo map to normal map)
  14. Convert any 3D formats online (3d format conversion)
  15. ‎Shade on the App Store (node based shader editor)

One of the main tools I use is a web tool for extracting silhouettes.
In extrude mode it creates absolutely precise 3D STL objects from silhouettes in seconds - drag & drop to Nomad Sculpt.
Free App !

this is how it works:

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Morphi app

has several useful features that Nomad Sculpt does not yet have.

2D Image revolve to 3D
2D to 3D Tools
UV Textures
Arrey function

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Poseit App

Procreate App

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So since I’ve already gone around the question several times, the best alternative to design the low poly base for now is Onshape. So Onshape is shapr3D but totally free and totally not intuitive but if you take the trouble to do some tutorials you’ll realize that in the end it’s really powerful. It’s a bit like the Force, shapr3D is the dark side where you easily create what you want but once you want to export if you haven’t paid for a full version it’s not great, then you have Onshape that’s the bright side for me lol. Anyway one day we will see landing on the appstore a complete modeling tool like maybe a light blender and it will be the perfect companion for nomad. Unless Steph integrates a zmodeler brush and just nomad will do.


Ah yes some web apps can be great help.

I use snartnormal map to generate normal maps from images sometimes:

I find shapr excellent and combining shapr and cozyblanket and nomad can be very powerful.

But Im sometimes lazy to manual retopo and use quadremesher in rhino on pc. I wonder if we will see somethimes quadremesher like app on ipad.

It’s a shame that Cozyblanket is so expensive for leisure use and the intermediate version isn’t really cheerful.

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I did not know smartnormap thank you.

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I added a list of mentioned apps to original post.

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have you a link to 3dmodeling: design my model plese ?

Retopology is more niche than general modelling/sculpting, it’s not really a surprise that it’s more expensive.

But they recently added a cheap tier, see



Thank you !

I wonder why this one is never mentioned:

Autodestruição FormIt .

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I added it to the list, together with sketchup.

My personal opinion:

I didn’t try formIt cause I’m allergic to autodesk and don’t really need BIM. Is the app any good though? I wonder how it compares to sketchup or shapr (except the bim features)

Sketchup I bought the yearly license but the app is literally just a frontend for theit web app and that one performs poorly not just on ipad but also on a powerful desktop. Shapr is twice the price but a LOT more powerful/useful.

Other free online tools:

There are also a few useful generators - Tree Generator - Polyhedra Generator - Supershapes

Normal Maps:

I never used Shapr because the price tag scared me. But I think you made a good comparison with Sketchup. Bonus point for it being completely free.

There is an iOS app called Live Normal which can create albedo (diffuse) maps into normal maps. Quite useful but a bit clunky.
There is also the website Convert any 3D formats online which is great for conversion of files to formats useable by either Nomad or Procreate. I use this as a converter for iPad Sketchup USDZ format into OBJ for or GLB for Nomad. Also useful for converting to more useable formats from various LiDAR apps that’s tend to output garbage formats. Such a useful website & free to use!!

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Added recent mentions, I wish there was a converter app rather an online service. There is usually file size limit and I work with big files ask the time :frowning: but better than nothing i guess.