Any good apple apps to import base meshes/armatures from?

Nomad is a really good app, but the one feature i really want is a base mesh builder. Similar to zbrush zspheres or 123d sculpt.

That being said you can create meshes within nomad, but i find using primitives to block out or using the dragging brush on a primitive to be finicky and tedious. Its not how i personally want to create characters or creatures.

Is there any apps i can find on ipad out there where im able to create meshes in a zsphere type of way, then import them into nomad?

Ive seen alot of cad/3d modeling apps out there but im looking for something that allows for more organic shapes.

Have you tried using tubes tool within Nomad? really powerful and perfect for blocking creature limbs, best to keep them unvalidated while you’re still refining proportions then voxel merge for your base mesh to sculpt into

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Jepp, I was writing this as well before I saw Steve’s post.
Tubes with possibilities to size adjust at each not is really something good. Hard to find something better for IOS.

I have tried them, there not 100% what i was looking for. I’ll see if anyone has other app suggestions first, then ill try and use tube tools more and see how i feel.

Im using a phone by the way so the experience is not best in general. I was seeing to getting a new ipad with pen mainly for sculpting and drawing. So i wanted to know my options for sculpting on ipad before i buy.

There is not something 100% you are looking for for mobile. Not as far as I know.If you combine tubes with primitives, you can achieve a lot.
On phone everything is a bit tricky.

I’ll try and have a go to see how it feels to create with them.

Ive spoken and heard from the developer that a mesh base building tool wouldnt be added ever if not for a while. So i was looking for something that could help with that.

Thanks for the solution. I am picky when it comes to these things because i like it do be done a certain way. Personally i’ll always stick to a zsphere type of tool or drawing mesh in as seen in alot of vr sculpting programs. So even though there not my prefered way of creating ill try and use tubes more…

Well for humans of all shapes and sizes stylized or otherwise and a few other quadrupeds there’s an app called Justsketchme. It’s main deal is a drawing reference app, but it’s secret weapon is the ability to export the posed or unposed models. You can also import models but I’ve just used it to export base models and import figures for posing reference and base mesh into nomad.

Try Poseit as well. Not as many models but much cheaper and no subscription.

can you create base meshes in justsketchme

You can but you choose from some presets and there isn’t much customization.

Oh i was hoping to create them on my own. I just prefer that it was something made by me instead of using presets. But thanks anyway.

This crazy stuff might be useful someday:

I totally forgot that one.
After, zBrush implemented it as well. Or some kind of.
My first test those days. Textured in Procreate.