I’d like to work this one out with the community

So obviously, tubes are the shit, and so is lathe. I use them more than primitives now.

I was wondering, for those in the more advanced industry, if there are known tool dynamics to convert those tools into basically - vector shapes for 3d.

I could see advancements in the sides of tubes, like square, three-sides, etc. tubes. That’s one thing. But further still, are there plausible ideas out there to set out a silhouette with a tool like tubes, or is large shape + trim into it with nodes the way of the industry?

Not a request, just wanted to get some ideas.

If I understand your question I think you are talking about NURBS and Polygon modeling which are not features of Nomad. Nomad is a voxel/high density polygon sculpture app. The closest thing I’ve found to NURBS on the iPad is Shapr3D which is expensive. I have yet to find a useable polygon modeler on the iPad. There may be a useable Polygon modeler on Android.
If you don’t have a background in 3D modeling besides Nomad here are some examples of Polygon and NURBS and Sculpture applications for Windows and Mac you can look at.
Sculpture apps: ZBrush, 3DCoat
Polygon modeler apps: Wings 3D, Silo, Modo
NURBS modeler apps: Moi3D, Rhino3D
On a Windows computer since ZBrush has some Polygon modeling tools along with sculpture tools, ZBrush and Moi3D is a useful combination for what I sculpt.

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