2 requests

I would like to see the tube tool have a choice of profiles to enable that tool to create shapes other than a round tube. Square profile, rectangular profile, etc.

But even more important to me would be a built-in feature to remesh the sculpt so that it is easy to export it to other 3d packages for character animation. Something much like the Remesher in C4D which I believe had its origin in ZBrush.

I want to add that I absolutely love Nomad Sculpt. It is a wonderfully designed app.


You can try webdemo to test profiles with tube tool, to export you can use OBJ files

NOMAD SCULPT ā€“ Making a pose tool from the curve tool - YouTube If you watch this video it shows a way to create a tube like tool but with spheres. i imagine you could also do the same with other shapes, but im not sure how good they might turn out if thats what your looking for.

Iā€™m very excited to the tube profile