Profile custom tube and box modeling features

First of all I want to thank the developer for his hardwork and providing such amazing and powerful app with regular updates. I wish you could add custom profile tube editing and box modeling which is a very desired feature in Nomad Sculpt. It’s favorite app of thousands of people and I bet all of them want this feature. I wish you could make it soon. Once again, thank you very much for the great app and efforts.:heart:


Box modeling? Like tubing box shapes, or triangles? What say you?

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Box modeling refers to modeling the simple and complex farms by adding, subtracting, stretching, making curved corners or round corners of cube etc. it’s usually used in hard surface modeling a lot. You can control the points of vertexes and faces individually which even allows you to make clean and polished models and sculptures with less density of vertexes. Such tools make a huge difference in modeling and sculpting. They added these tools in Forger 3D. But unfortunately I’m not a fan of that app for several reasons. Nomad App is LOVE. I wish it gets those tools. I’ll be over the moon. Hehe
For example in this photo. It’s Blender.

I feel it is not simply a matter of implementing the tools we wish for but the how they securely fits into the workflow.

If it is not done in the appropriate setting within the nomad world we’d be better off without the tool. I am only saying this because his innovations are why there is a great preference for this program in the original case, so we must consider that… It is not simply 1-2 slap hands clean, it is the matter of the tool and it’s place within the machine.

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I understand that. And I totally agree with you. Nomad is, in my opinion, is perfectly designed. It’s so easy to access the tools and the workflow is so smooth and enjoyable. The dev created an amazing program in many aspects.
It’s just a humble request if the dev could execute that properly some day. It’d be more than great. If Stephanie( I guess that’s his name) can make such beautiful and powerful app with such wonderful design, I believe he can add those features without hindering the workflow. But patience is very important as he always says.