Tube armature

It would be extremely helpful, if one could use the tube tool to create an armature - with more line endings, this would be great.
Best, for sure, if one could use that later for posing.

Here is the base what is possible now. But I would like to add a neck & head, fingers and toes.


That sounds almost like a ZSphere, which feature I would love to see in Nomad.

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great use for the Tubes!.

I use mine to carve out precise hard surface shapes. - if you set the tube to 4 sided, you get a flat side, if you do a nice swoop and line the flat edge to the model, you can slice out complex shapes.

Wish we could constrain the movement of points to an axis sometimes. the snap is great, but if you need to realign points its tricky.

Something like what was used in 123D Sculpt Plus. The basics seem to be there with the tube system, but I’m no programmer and have no idea how much of a pain it would be to implement.
Definitely would be good to use an overlaid armature you could attach to a model for posing. Look forward to see what Stéphane comes up with in the future.


Not at all, actually the tube, lathe, cone and cylinders all share in common the same basis (revolution surface).
Basically it need to be linear thing, no branching possible (the way the topology is computed stays the same).

I still have improvements in mind for the tube tool though, typically profile customization and twisting.

For example twisting (it’s just an experimentation, I’m not sure I’m going to release it though)

For something like 123D sculpt, it’s based on implicit surface, probably similar to a distance field (just a guess).
It’s something that I’m thinking about, basically I would rely on the voxel remesher for the topology output (exactly like triplanar, although my voxel remesh is too slow for real time editing as it’s mostly meant to remesh polygonal object). The input could indeed be similar to the tube (with branching possible).

But for now nothing is decided.


And that’s why I don’t do programming.
Tube twisting looks really useful. :+1:t2:
Great to see sneak peeks of what may come.:slightly_smiling_face:

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The tube armature of 123D is pretty good compared to zspheres or blender skin modifier on your screen capture the hands of human shape are not destroyed

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Yes… they discontinued this and it would be great if nomad picked it up

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when i see the tube system, i wonder if it could be possible to use it for mesh guide or mesh follow, you have sculpted tentacles antennas or limbs and then you use tube follow option to pose them, it could be useful maybe