Zspheres en Nomad sculpt please

The curve tool works well, but I have to be generating more spheres to be able to create a human shape, which leaves the file a bit heavy and my tablet starts to get stuck. Please, could you add the zspheres to nomad sculpt.

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If you are stuck on using a similar method to create a human shape, try using the tube with profiles. Otherwise, Nomad is a sculpting program. It works quite well to sculpt any part, or whole, that you need.


Why are we, as users, trying to dismiss other users requesting features that would be helpful to them?

Granted, I did miss that it was in Feature Request. Though it has also been requested countless times by this point, those requests have fallen off dramatically since the tubes have been upgraded. Sure, it could use one or two more upgrades (branching would be awesome), it’s still pretty damned good and can get quite a lot done for just a simple base.

On the other hand, if a user (seemingly a newer Nomad user) is using a tool in a way it was not designed and expecting it to work as a tool from how another program was designed, then wanting that tool somehow directly imported into Nomad, and there’s a pretty basic and simple tool that would do what they want (without the massive overhead in vertices) with a lot more flexibility, should I not mention that tool that’s already in Nomad? I could have also mentioned to voxel remesh the super heavy blob of shapes that they created so it was a single mesh and much less dense.

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