Z spheres or similar toolset request

Hey Stephanie,

I love nomad so much, it has become my number 1 tool to go to when sculpting. Beautiful UI and smooth UX.

Are you at all considering adding some feature similar to z spheres? I know you can achieve the same result by just adding spheres and tubes to the scene but z spheres is much more intuitive and has beter UX. It is really fast for blocking shapes and remeshing to proceed with the high poly sculpt.

I would love to see a tool similar tool implemented to nomad, Again, nomad is my favourite so far, including z brush and blender ! Dont even get me started on the horrible UX of zbrush haha :smiley: I love the way nomad works intuitively and with a nice UX overall, I can focus on my work rather than spending hours trying to find a stupid button that does the simplest job ( again my zbrush hatred comes alive)