Insert Tool: ZSphere

Someone made a request for something similar using the tube tool, but i feel that this is still worth posting…

I think the app would greatly benefit from having a tool with the same functionality as zSphere (from ZBrush); a special sphere which can be dragged using the gizmo, leaving behind an array of spheres. These spheres can then be adjusted (scaled, rotated, etc) individually, added onto (using gizmo to drag & create yet another series of spheres), and so on. [Similar to the primitive shapes] once finished editing, you can then verify to convert the spheres into a single object (like voxel).
I love Nomad and have a really hard time finding things that I’m missing from other full-featured software - however I’ve constantly found myself cloning spheres to form my base sculpts and it can become very time consuming. Of course I also use dyntopo (which is awesome BTW!) but a lot of the time I prefer a clean base right from the start.

Am I alone in this? Is this already a feature that I’ve overlooked?

Thank you so much!
-Devi / GH

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There is a lot of things that could be added. However - when you mention “other full-featured” programs please keep in mind, that Nomad costs 15 bucks. And considering what these 15 bucks buy you (just take a look at what’s possible in the “Arts” section), I’d say that Nomad is a deal like none other. Yeah, Blender is for free but there is no mobile version

You can create base meshes by smashing all kinds of basic shapes into each other. You don’t need to clone a sphere every time. The tube tool is also pretty good for creating basic limbs because in the tube tools options you can activate individual radius for each point of the tube. Just take a look at this video. That should explain everything you need to know.

I meant no offense whatsoever! All I meant is that Nomad is absolutely incredible as it is and that there’s really no need for a lot of the things that other software includes. I apologize if I wasn’t clear enough. I’ve been able to do much more by using Nomad thanks to its availability on iOS (and as such, being able to use the Apple Pencil) and praise the developer for not only releasing such an intuitive piece of software that in itself is a work of art, but also doing so at an affordable price and simply being capable of creating something like it single-handedly. At least, this is what I’ve heard (I don’t get a lot of time being a single mom, so I can’t verify). On top of this, added support for certain accessories and - man, it’s a lot of work.

I am obsessed with Nomad and am so thankful for it. I use it to sculpt toys to then be 3D printed so Nomad has quickly become my livelihood. Without it, it would be much too difficult to sit down at my desktop. With Nomad, I’m able to work while keeping up with my insane toddler, literally running around all day. I’d been waiting for something like it for years.

Anyways, it’s just a suggestion that I thought might be a good addition to the app, but I’m perfectly happy without it too:

(WIP - fashion doll)

I’m generally very shy, but thought “hey, maybe I shouldn’t keep this to myself… The dev seems to be present in the forums, so why not make a post?” However I’m not very good at explaining things or making myself clear, so once again - I apologize if I offended.

Edit: also, thanks for the video! Daughters passed out on me, so I’ll check it out in a few. Since making this post, I started using the tube tool more but I haven’t had a chance to look more into its capabilities.


OK, disregard this entire topic, haha. Tube is essentially zSphere, or what I was looking for with it anyways. I didn’t realize you could adjust the radius of each individual point! Super neat. Thanks again for your reply with that video, McGurk!