Zspheres on android app

hi everyone, has anyone tested this on sculpt+?

If we could have this non-destructively as in zbrush, we’d have a start on rigging. I know there’s the tube function of course but it’s destructive :wink:

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Being a non zbrush user I’m confused by this. To me it looks very similar to using the tube tool + basic shapes like a sphere or cube. Can you explain the difference and why this is better?

Just curious and want to understand. I’m solely a nomad user and have not used zbrush. Thank you

At a glance, it seems a lot quicker and simpler than drawing out nodes and spheres one by one.

I think I’m in the camp of “I don’t understand either”.

But, I’ve only ever used ZBrush about 2-3 times and never used the ZSpheres on it when I did. It would seem to me that it’s mainly used for roughing in a quick base mesh. If that’s the case, then I’m perfectly fine with either using the base sphere (as is my usual method), or adding in a few mirrored tubes as needed and voxel merging. It all needs to be sculpted on afterwards anyway.

The only part that I found could be useful is the branching. Rather than having to manually add in another tube, it automatically generates a branch from a selected node to continue playing with. That could be an interesting addition to the tubes for more quickly generating a base.


Hello, the Zsphere have evolved over time but initially it looked a lot like the nomad tube with yet already some pleasure. The fact that there is like a hierarchy between the elements what allowed to have like a skeleton, also the fact that it is not destructive when sculpting a can like a subdivision.
And then pixologic mutated it into a rig (non-exportable) that we can add even if we did not start our project with the Zspheres and it is often used in conjunction with the Transpose tool

Here we see the power of the tool and it thinks why there are often requests on this subject

I also think that nomadsculpt would benefit from having a system equivalent to the polygroup

So they modified the original zSpheres to then create a rigging system. Ok.

Definitely not something you’d easily stumble across and be able to use without someone showing you how to do it…lol. I’m sure if Nomad created a rigging system it would be a lot easier for the average user to pick up and use. Though I am still on the waiting train for a hair system that will likely never happen.

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But it does look very powerful. I think a rig of some sort is needed and this would be cool… but time will tell.

Yes, we are also waiting for that.

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