Easier posing

Easier posing maybe incorporating some kind of easy bone rigging system


Rigging is the number 1 on my wishlist too.

Should indeed be nice. Like in zBrush the Transpose master-a-like / zsphere transpose ?
But again that kind of feature are very nice, but don’t forget we are on a ‘mobile’ device’ friendly app. We should not expect to have an advanced zbrush/blender/3Dsmax software here :slight_smile:

I would definitely prefer a Blender-like Posebrush.

OK - Rigging would be nice too - but at high Poly count?

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hi Kinematiks you must have missed the zbrush summit Zbrush is coming in 2024 on ipad and for Zpheres it’s totally playable since sculpt+ already does it on android

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we had indeed a discussion about payment method for zbrush on mobile. We loved how Nomad did this, you pay once and got it. Zbrush are with subscription method and we don’t like that kind of business model as we are doing this for fun.
I meant that in nomad with curve effet and couple of spheres you can simulate zsphere as well :slight_smile:
But thanks for the sharing ! :slight_smile:

The subscription has nothing to do with the conversation. It was a question of whether or not this is feasible or if there is something that looks like it via a simple android tablet and or iPad and the answer is yes. After everyone is free to take or not a subscription.

In 3D there is a thousand and one ways to get what you have imagined and that very, in the same software. It is not the tool that makes the craftsman. That said, I fully agree with you, I don’t like the subscription system either.

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