Character Posing tool

A posing tool would be so useful, I know you can mask and move, rotate and scale, but a dedicated tool would be much more convenient


I want to support rigging so it might be a step a direction.
But handling rigs along sculpting is probably not as easy as it sounds so I don’t know yet.

Right now I have other things I want to finish first.


Great to know. Have you seen the auto IK posing tool in Blender new sculpture features?

Maybe but I probably forgot about, there’s a lot going on with blender.

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Here you can see it in action:


This IK posing would be great! Something in the lines of the ZSphere too!


This is how I’m posing right now. I use split and the gizmo to position the parts. It works for me because I’m using the image as a reference for 2D painting and drawing of the same character, but it would be awesome to have something easier.

Simple parenting would be very useful.I’m trying to build some basic volumes that I can then merge and voxelise for base meshes after I’ve posed them. Being able to set custom object pivots for orientation etc (as you can currently ) combined with parenting would allow simple fk posing and make this process pretty fast and straightforward.

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