Is it possible to add a form of rigging? Please read for more details

I know Nomad is used for sculpting and not animation. And I’m not saying it should animate. What I would like to see in a future update is a way to pose models you have already made, sort of like posing an action-figure for display.

I have come up with a way to sort of pose by combining objects and having the pivots placed in a way that correlates to its parent (sorry if that explanation was confusing I’m not very good at terminology), but the result looks unnatural even if I voxel-merge the whole thing after. Having a model be rigged would save me all that trouble and I can sculpt what I want more accurately.

Perhaps it could be similar to how the tube tool and the curve repeater works, but it would be better if you could sculpt something without validating it first. I don’t want to discard my sculpting just because the elbow is at the wrong angle or something like that. If you (the developer[s]) want an example of what I mean, look at or the various posing reference programs like Magic Pose. Something like those would be really helpful!

I hope you consider my feature proposal. I and many other users would be thrilled to see posable models in this already amazing app! And thank you for your time!


Je vous rejoint dans la demande de ces fonctionnalités/amélioration :

1/ ajouter un outils simple de squelette
2/ pouvoir sculpter les tube sans valider avant serait un plus énorme !

Au plaisir

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I think many of us feel the needs of this, for sure.

There must be some external program that you can import an OBJ file (or other compatible file type) into and pose it, then export back into Nomad for detailing…

Yes. I will try with a super very old version of Blender.
But in my case for example to being able to use the last versions of Blender, that for sure has many improvements on this particular thing, I would need to buy a new PC. Now I am having the problem of using Nomad on Bluestacks on a PC, which lacks all the screen finger navigation which slows down the workflow a lot so I am surrendering to the fact that I need to find a way to buy a good tablet or I pad for it, but I can hardly see my self getting the money, if very lucky, at the end of the year, or the beginning of the next, so is quite impossible to also update my PC too. But If I could do all the pose I want from one character in the same device and even better the same app It would be amazing. Also being able to do this on a tablet it would help in continuing building the “Nomad” workflow part of it since you don’t need to travel with a PC too. So Dreaming about it is super reasonable. Right now I am on a project of a character that I would like to pose it on so many poses, martial arts type of thing, for example, so it would be awesome to being able to just do it on Nomad Sculpt. Fast an Easy.

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