Rig ( Moving body parts without gizmo or mask )

I thought it was quite interesting to ask if it would be possible or not to have the possibility to put a RIG! I’m REALLY happy with nomad but what’s really missing is to be able to move the characters just to have something to move the sculpture, like a complex pose!

parenthesis: this said I am afraid that it is complicated, for my part I make the anatomy then the clothes (like that the clothes are well adhered to the body and there is an effect of volume not negligible but also several 3D objects, there is not total fusion. It would be necessary the links of relationship, as we say in France, parents / child, to be able to move everything easily … I am afraid that it is difficult and long to write or too heavy.

Example : https://youtu.be/R9nrZg4pKj0

Thank you for reading me !

Best wishes.

Ps: sorry for my bad English.


There are plenty requests for this already.

  • something like blenders pose brush
  • bone based rigging

Blenders pose brush is a intelligent masking algorithm under the hood. Doing mask gradients, searching for connected volumes and differs between close by objects due to topology flow (example: arm close to the hip, but connected to the shoulder)

Bone rigging would be a different class.
If so, a rigging specially for sculpting would be cool. I imagine posing without breaking symmetry, means you always can go back to initial pose, or, even better, sculpting is virtually added before posing, so you can use symmetry sculpting on posed object.

We’ll see.

Meanwhile you can select multiple objects and move their pivot point to pose all at once. But moved pivot point of a selection won’t be saved in your project. You need to redo it after reopening file.


For sure a posing is the next advancement, in my opinion. What about extruding, how do people feel about those sort of technical tasks? I honestly don’t know much about it, which is why I ask.

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Any updates on this?

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A way to rig and pose models is on top of my wishlist.

Other stuffs to do first.

Maybe one day, but clearly not for the short term,


This would definitely be a top 1 priority for me too! Being able to pose my creations, even in an “ephemeral way”, without it being an animation-quality rig. Mask+Gizmo just breaks so much of the sculpt you have to double the work


Blender’s pose tool is essentially a shortcut for how we pose things in Nomad now; Mask, set pivot, rotate, then of course you have to fix the mess. Blender just sets the pivot based on some defined boundary other than the mask’s edge, like a seam or face set. The ability to save face sets, pivot points, and the relational hierarchy of these in Nomad would nearly be the same or better.


Thanks for the explanation @Dian, would you have a Youtube tutorial or can suggest one, so I can see how to do this? Thanks in advance.

That’s a second request for a Youtube tut, maybe I will start making them…

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Are there any 3rd party or online pose tools?

I’ve tried Sculpteo, but my model was too high poly to even load. I just kept getting an error message. Maybe I should decimate, close holes (if there even are any) and retry.

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