Posing and poly modeling

steph I just want to start off by saying your app is absolutely incredible and I use it literally every day. With that said I’m just wondering if you have any plans to implement some sort of posing tool. It’s pretty common to in a t-pose for ease of symmetry but one it’s finished it become pretty difficult to pose your model even using something like blender or zbrush. Would there be any way to implement something like that in nomad? My second question is about poly modeling are there any plans to implement that in nomad sort of like zmodeler in zbrush. I ask because it would be really useful but I have no idea how hard it would be to implement. Again thanks for all of your work this app is really amazing!

That would be helpful. Simple parenting system would help a lot with posing limbs for example.

I’d like to add poly modeling tools but I’m not sure how to address that.
Ideally I want to add as few tools as possible, but it’s not obvious to me what would be the most important feature to do first.
Most poly tools tends to have an army of buttons so I prefer to not rush in making something not intuitive.

As for posing, I get that a lot but I’m not sure what people are really expecting.
Zsphere? Rigging? Automatic posing (like the blender pose, but I’m a bit skeptical about the automatic posing tools, I could investigate a bit more to see if it works well).
I would tend naturally to support rigging, because it’s something that you can export/import to other softwares are well, and it opens the door to animation as well (similarly to layers/morphs).

Not related to the above but one of the next tool I’ll make is a curve/tube tool, the idea is to make object from scratch like the other primitives, but with more artistic control.

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Thanks for the response. As for the poly modeling the main thing that I can think of is the ability to extrude faces and edges. To be able to scale slice and extrude primitives would be ideal. Since scale and Slice is already there extrude would be the main thing. It would be good for creating hard surface shapes and would be good for treating base shapes and then subdividing to sculpt.

As for the posing I would say either rigging or zsphere style rigging like in the zbrush transpose master. Basic rigging like rigify in blender seems like it would be the best though because it would be versatile and provide what everyone wants which is to model in tpose and then pose the finished model however they want primarily for printing. Finally that curve tubes brush sound great and would have a ton of applications I know I could have used it on my last model for sure.

One final question and this may just be my lack of understanding but it there currently a way to add textures from an alpha to a surface? I know you can apply an alpha to an existing brush but it just lays the alpha with additional volume when you sculpt with it. What I mean is the model stays the same but the texture is applied to the contours of the existing surface. Like adding skin pores on a face that you have sculpted or leather texture to a jacket.

thanks again for this awesome app and for your time!!

I’m not sure I understand your question but maybe the page on stroke/alpha could help