Mask blur slider

Dumb idea. I find that when I blur a mask I am hitting the blur button over and over. I wonder if it is possible to add an interactive blur/sharpen mask slider? Just an idea. Thanks!


The problem always exist the more dense the mesh is. This would be such a handy feature!

If you are on ipad with stylus, maintain mask button and click in or out the mask to blur or sharp mask.

Sure, tapping the button or the shortcut is known. But a slider which can blur a mask border instantly even on dense mesh is much more elegant.
Now ( like in other apps) it is a maniac woodpecker like action cluttering the undo history.


Lol, woodpecker make me laugh

Yup, stubled onto this, but though about that a couple of times myself…
Doesn’t even have to dynamicly update, a slider with a percentage and a apply smoothing button would do for me 2.

A Soft mask (like in fusion or other compositing software)
Would probably solve most soft masking challenges.

I’ll probably do something at some point.

I don’t really like the idea of just spamming the blur operation, it might not work as well as people might think as it’s dependent on the topology/density.

Right now it’s not high priority but I’m thinking about more control for masking.
The polygon might work but at first I’d like something a bit more intuitive/organic/fast.
For example I was thinking:
You drag your finger and can expand/grow the shape. If your finger is at the center of the shape (far from the edges), you expand it with a soft blur.
If you start the gesture with your finger on the edge, you grow but with sharp contour.

The grow algorithm can be tricky to implement depending if it’s based on topology/screen/world space.


Sounds good, I’ll stop after this :wink: But I was thinking about it now, enabled the Smooth button on masks would probably also help/ be nice?

I am thinking of a simpler method. If you can use the blur brush to brush the mask, it will make the mask easier and faster, just like the blurring of paint transition colors.

Like Zbrush, you can manually blur the mask, but the operation steps of Zbrush are more cumbersome, and Nomad can simplify the steps.

The smooth tool usually has the same limitation since it’s based on topology so you won’t get consistent screen space “speed”.
If you subdivide the face a few time, you’ll see it’s slower.

I’ll probably add it anyway though.
However the Smudge tool is a screen space effect so not tied to the topology, so it will work better.

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Blur is really slow on high details. The smudge tool is very good, but requires a 2-axis spread option to mimic the blur effect. The Substance Painter’s blur brush uses the smudge tool + 2-axis spread to imitate the effect, which can quickly blur in high details, which is great.

Anyone asking for something like a blur slider thinks of high density meshes, I am sure.
If it‘s low poly, tapping on blur is the way to go.
A slider is easy to understand.

Mask grow with gestures you described for soft or hard edge sounds innovative.
A two finger tap on blur and one finger slide like layer opacity in Procreate could be a UI slider replacement as well. With gesture language already known.

But I would like to share some thoughts about gestures only:
Procreate makes a mistake in using too much gestures only options.
Gestures only are not self explaining, taking a good portion of easy learning curve. Gestures only are only discovered when you have heard about it, not while playing around. They are easy forgotten when not using everyday.
This is my Procreate experience making me sometimes mad that so many options are hidden in gestures, badly or not documented at all.
What does Procreate wrong?
If one is going the way to implement functions accessible only via gesture, a gesture list for manual plus a list available inApp is mandatory. Ongoing updated.
If a list is present, hidden features can be discovered inverting Procreate negative experience. Exploring a new software, I often look at the shortcut list. And I am often surprised to find useful functions I never heard of before. Could be a beginner projects with gesture/shortcut background image :wink:

That said, I really would encourage you, to keep extra focus on easy access of informations.
There is no app doing it better than Nomad. The “?“after so many functions are a blast. So I am not really concerned that much, but wanted to remind.

I might be stubborn for this one but I don’t find it elegant.
The slider would still rely on the topology (same thing as tapping lot of time), so I might get some “why the slider have no effect on my 3M polymesh?”

But I’ll see what I’ll do, same for smooth/smudge support for masking. (not sure if it should be 2 separate tool, like SmoothMask and SmudgeMask, or simply an option in the tool settings).

Hard to say for me as I’m not an artist, but I know Procreate is the most successful paint app by far on the iPad.
Also I was inspired by them for a few things (cheap price without subscription, overall sleek interface, etc).

I’m trying to find the sweet spot between:

1 Productivity

Basically I got a lot of "can you move feature_X to the main viewport?
But if I were to do that, the remaining working space would be 50x50 pixels.

One way to improve it without breaking 2. is to use more customization, but my UI is not yet ready for that. I’ll probably do it for the left bar as it’s a regular request.

2 Simple interface

Self explanatory, sometimes the enemy of 1. and 3.

3 Feature discovery

This one is the reason why each buttons have a label (except the top ones, as it would be an eye-sore).

Something that I should do more is displaying a popup banner on top of the viewport with hints (for example when you click the color picker button).
I’ll do it for the trim+multiresolution as well

Allowing primitive editing inside the viewport with interactive widgets will typically improve the 3 points altogether. That’s why this feature is high priority to me.


Thanks for this detailed answer. This sounds very good!

And some bla bla

I am asking for a complete gestures list in Procreate forum since ages. No success.
Most are in manual, but somewhere, not collected in a list.
That’s my main critic with gestures only. If one uses gesture only features, do everything that they will be discovered easily. Keep your point 3 in focus, so to say.
Gestures are super cool then.

Procreate success.
Procreate was the very first serious painting app for iPad, promoted by Apple with several awards. Unique those days. Everyone knows it and they have a huge social media team. Savage is hiring top notch artists from early days on giving the App some extra glamour.
Procreate is working very sufficiently with device memory allowing big canvases and lots of layers. Crashes were super rare before 4 and still are not often since 5x.
I guess that is main reason for their success.

Regardless of the solution I would like a fast automated blurred mask solution to bend limbs, twist limbs, and gradually scale things. My thoughts were a more efficient blur on masks drawn with the Mask Select and Mask brush hence why I suggested a slider. A screen/camera based alpha controlled mask projection that went though the mesh might work.

If you’ll pardon the slight tangent:
Maybe including this functionality into the often requested pose tool may work too?

Since it seems to be basically an editable gradient ramp tool, having an extra option to “convert to mask” might be an option as well.
I’m going off the assumption that it would work similarly to 3dcoat’s version of the tool, so if Stephomi has a different idea for it, maybe it won’t be applicable.

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