Some feature requests and notes

Hey there, glad to see this forum :slight_smile:
Some feature requests:

Masking: is it possible to add to quick invert and umasking while holding mask button additional blur effect? like when you tap on a model mask will be blured

Sculpting: substract/add while holding a button, instead of clicking, way natural working this way

Mirroring objects is weird

Is it possible to turn off this picking objects with just one tap? Or at least lock objects? For instance when i have eyes in place and work on eye lids, i constantly pick eyes when i’m to close to them, i tried to search in settings, but couldn’t find an option to change this picking method

Tnx in advance!

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I don’t really understand your masking question.

You can set subtract to only activate while holding the subtract button in the interface settings.

How’s mirroring weird? (Just saying it’s weird doesn’t really help anyone help you. :wink:)

You can turn off object selection in the viewport in the scene settings (graph icon). That should solve your eyelid problem.

Oh sorry, since i think i overcomplicated my explanation xD

About masking, now, when i hold mask button i can invert it, by taping outside, and unmask, by swiping it
Will be cool if you can add mask blur by tapping on the mesh while holding mask button

And yes, you are right, substract is working, i’ve updated the app and now everything seems to work fine, before it didn’t work for some reason ^^

So yeah, mirroring resolved aswell…i’m an idiot, i should have updated the app xD

Thnx! App is super amazing, and looking forward for new features :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, forgot to add

UI suggestion: ability to move brush palette up and down
Even tho now we can collapse it to a small box in a corner, i’ve noticed that i keep pressing Move tool with my palm while working

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For the toolbox maybe it will help (next release):

For Masking I will think about it, it’s not high priority though.

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I’ll second a request to be able to blur/ sharpen masks!

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