Another Wish List

Thanks for making this awesome app. It’s transformed how often I can practice and has made Sculpt January much more fun this year. I’ve been using Nomad daily for two weeks now, and most of my wish list was covered by the recent updates (especially the snap box and dyntopo constant detail) or finding existing features via this forum.

Here’s a list of the additional features I’d still love to see. I think they’ve either been requested before or are problems peculiar to me, but here they are anyway. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your hard work!

1 - Radial Symmetry

2 - Flatten brush - lock to view plane (in addition to the existing lock to normal plane)

3 - Drag brush - a rake setting like the one in Blender’s snake hook. I can get fairly close with the existing settings for most scenarios but miss it for fur tufts etc.

4 - Navigation - option to use the snap box with the Apple Pencil when Camera is set to ‘finger only’. I’m finding this a hard habit to break from Blender where I use the navigation axis to orbit with the stylus.

5 - Lock selection - I’ve been using ‘Lock active mesh’, but rather than only being able to select from the list, my ideal solution would be to be able to turn off selectability in the viewport. This would make it easier to quick select between two objects when working on multiple pieces, but avoid having everything selectable.

6 - Move selection to world centre - occasionally when adding something in from Blender, it doesn’t import in the centre (presumably because it wasn’t in the world centre when exported from Blender). I currently either manually move it my best guess of the world centre, or use local symmetry, but it would be really handy if I could just snap an object back to the centre.

7 - Curves or some kind of skin-modifier/tubes tool for quick base mesh build out and things like horns, hair, rope etc.

8 - Pose brush/tool - along with rake, this is probably the main thing I miss from Blender sculpting. I’d class this as a ‘nice to have’ as I’ve been able to use masking and moving for simple changes here.

9 - Parenting/Hierarchy in the Scene menu list with collapsibility. Another nice to have. I guess I’ve already started using Nomad for more complex sculpts. :slight_smile:

Some of these features will probably be implemented as almost all of them have indeed been requested at least once.

  1. This one is already here, you need to go in the tool settings and use « move origin » (when you select the Transform or Gizmo tool).

Oh excellent. I hadn’t found that one. Thanks.

Thanks for your amazing work. I can’t believe how far Nomad has come since I wrote this list.
Do you have a Patreon? I couldn’t find one.

No patreon, Nomad is neither open-source nor free so no need for that.